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— CONGRESS RDP — House re-elects Ohio Republican John Boehner as speaker, despite tea party opposition. SENT: APNewsAlert. Will be updated.

— GADGET SHOW-PRIVACY CONCERNS — FTC Chair speaks about privacy issues in the always-connected era. By Brandon Bailey. Embargoed until 4pm. UPCOMING: 400 words by 4 p.m., photos.

— GADGET SHOW-THE DAY AT CES — Highlights from the show. UPCOMING 400 words by 2 p.m., photos; 700 words by 7 p.m. with updates from the show.



WASHINGTON — Republicans take full control of Congress for the first time in eight years, turning swiftly to a conservative agenda aimed at creating jobs and reducing government regulation. The White House immediately sets up a showdown with the newly empowered GOP, issuing a threat to veto the Keystone XL pipeline. By Special Correspondent David Espo. SENT: 900 words. UPCOMING: 900 words by 4 p.m., photos.

— CONGRESS-KEYSTONE — First legislation in GOP-controlled Senate will seek to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline, but the White House says Obama would veto the bill. SENT: 130 words. Developing.

— CONGRESS-BY-THE-NUMBERS — More women and minorities are in the new Congress, but it's still largely white and male. SENT: 370 words, photo, graphic.

—CONGRESS RDP-GLANCE — Top items on congressional Republicans' agenda. SENT: 360 words.


SHANGHAI — Some wailed and some staggered with grief as the relatives of 36 people killed in Shanghai's New Year's Eve stampede visit the disaster site. Each family is allowed only about five minutes, a strict arrangement that reflects China's efforts to prevent distraught relatives from coalescing into a group that would galvanize calls for greater accountability. By Didi Tang. SENT: 980 words, photos, video.


BOSTON — To try to save him from the death penalty for the Boston Marathon bombing, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's lawyers will probably look for jurors who are intellectual and curious about other cultures and religions. Prosecutors, in turn, will pick people who are conservative, patriotic and inclined to see things in black-and-white terms. Such is the conventional wisdom among legal experts. By Denise Lavoie. SENT: 700 words, photos, video. UPCOMING: New approach with 500 words by 4 p.m.


RAWASHID, Iraq — Shiites are using Iraq's fight against the Islamic State group to purge some areas of Sunnis. In this village north of Baghdad that Shiite militiamen took from the extremists, all the Sunni residents are gone, and the militiamen tell The Associated Press they won't allow them back. By Hamza Hendawi and Qassim Abdul-Zahra. SENT: 1,200 words, photos.

— ISLAMIC STATE — Islamic State group extremists hit pro-government Sunni forces with a suicide bomber then unleash a gunbattle in violence that kills at least 23 troops and pro-government fighters west of Baghdad. SENT: 600 words, photos.


FRESNO, Calif. — The nation's first bullet train project breaks ground in California, promising to speed passengers at 200 mph, bringing Los Angeles and San Francisco within three hours of each other and providing a clean-energy alternative to planes and cars. But much of the $68 billion in funding isn't secured yet, and builders are battling farmers over land rights for new rails that will run through the Central Valley. By Scott Smith. SENT: 530 words, photo. UPCOMING: 800 words by 4 p.m., photos.

— CALIFORNIA HIGH-SPEED RAIL-GLANCE — A look at some of the facts and figures about the first high-speed train being built in the United States and how it compares to bullet trains around the world. SENT: 180 words. UPCOMING: 400 words by 5 p.m.


NEW YORK — Dignitaries from both sides of the political aisle converge to bid goodbye to former three-term Gov. Mario Cuomo, a Democratic Party icon and powerful orator whose humble upbringing in Queens came to influence much of his later policy decisions. By David Klepper and Jonathan Lemire. SENT: 550 words, photos. UPCOMING: 600 words by 3 p.m., video.


WASHINGTON — We've got new sister Earths. Astronomers have found eight new planets elsewhere in the galaxy that are in the not-too-hot, not-too-cold Goldilocks zone where there can be life-sustaining liquid water. By Science Writer Seth Borenstein. UPCOMING: 400 words by 4 p.m.



WASHINGTON — It was a good day to be the new guy. Freshly elected lawmakers, mostly Republican, arrived early amid a light snow, showing off the majestic Capitol to their children and posing for cellphone photos. In contrast, returning House Speaker John Boehner had to deal with a revolt within his ranks, and veteran Senate Democrats endured the formal draining away of their party's power. By Connie Cass. UPCOMING: 700 words by 4 p.m., photos.



ST. LOUIS — The NAACP has asked a Missouri judge to convene a new grand jury to consider charges against the Ferguson officer who fatally shot Michael Brown, citing "grave legal concerns" about the process, including confusing instructions to jurors and the decision to allow testimony from witnesses who clearly lied. By Jim Salter. UPCOMING: 650 words, photo by 4 p.m.


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Same-sex couples who live in Deep South states where gay marriage is still banned are eyeing Florida as a destination for their nuptials. Wedding planners, resorts and others in the industry say they're already seeing a spike in calls from outside the state. By Jason Dearen and Melissa Nelson-Gabriel. SENT: 900 words, photos, video. UPCOMING: 800 words, photos, video by 5 p.m.


NEW YORK — Tommy Gilbert was part of the trust-fund-baby crowd, a handsome Princeton grad who flitted between his Manhattan home and the Hamptons and attended society parties at museums and symphonies while living off an allowance from his parents. An argument over a threatened cut in that allowance led him to kill his father, a hedge-fund founder, police say. By Colleen Long. SENT: 500 words. UPCOMING: New approach, 600 words, photos by 5 p.m.


RICHMOND, Va. — Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, once a top Republican prospect for national office, faces sentencing for selling the influence of his office to the CEO of a dietary supplements company. Prosecutors have recommended at least 10 years in prison, though McDonnell wants only community service, saying the trial that exposed his rocky marriage and shaky finances was punishment enough. By Larry O'Dell and Alan Suderman. SENT: 700 words, photos, video.



PARIS — EU sanctions against Russia over the crisis in Ukraine are cutting both ways: hurting Russia as well as pinching some big European companies. But economic relief isn't likely any time soon, diplomats and analysts say, since EU divisions make the sanctions tough to overturn. By Jamey Keaten and Sylvie Corbet. SENT 650 words, photo.


MOKPO, South Korea — Life as a salt-farm slave was so bad Kim Jong-seok fantasized about killing the owner who beat him daily. Yet freedom, in his view, has been worse. Since he was freed a year ago, Kim has been preyed upon by other residents of a homeless shelter, and had no friends, job prospects or counseling. By Foster Klug. SENT: 1,240 words, photos.


PANGKALAN BUN, Indonesia — Strong currents force Indonesia to expand the search area for the crashed AirAsia plane. With only 37 bodies recovered since the Dec. 28 crash, there are concerns that it will become harder to find the remaining corpses. By Achmad Ibrahim. SENT: 490 words, photos, video.

— INDONESIA-PLANE-Q&A — Many questions remain unanswered about AirAsia Flight 8501. SENT: 390 words, photos.

NATO 2015

BRUSSELS — NATO's most pressing priority for 2015 is getting the swift and nimble expeditionary force into operation that's supposed to act as a deterrent to Russia—and not just staffing and equipping it, but settling who is going to pay for it. By John-Thor Dahlburg. SENT: 820 words, photos.


ST. PETERSBURG, Russia — As the ruble plummets, Russians who took out mortgages denominated in foreign currencies are facing a surge in their monthly payment dues. Tens of thousands of Russians took out such foreign-currency loans when the economy was stable. Today, they are among the hardest hit by the currency's dramatic fall. By Irina Titova. All formats. SENT: 825 words, photos.


LIMA, Peru — He was a businessman from Brooklyn who went to Bolivia on a business venture, got caught up in an extortion ring and landed in jail. His escape to the United States was made possible by Hollywood star Sean Penn. But, so far, there has been no Hollywood ending for Jacob Ostreicher. By Frank Bajak. UPCOMING: 950 words by 2 p.m.



CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — SpaceX calls off a supply flight to the space station because of rocket trouble, another delay in the delivery of groceries and overdue Christmas presents. Also postponed was an unprecedented test to land the main booster on a floating platform in the ocean. By Aerospace Writer Marcia Dunn. SENT: 520 words, photos.



LAS VEGAS — TV isn't dead, streaming video is just shaking it up. Here's how TV makers and service providers are keeping your big screen relevant in this new era of online video. By Technology Writer Anick Jesdanun. SENT: 1,030 words, photos, video.

— GADGET SHOW-CONNECTED EVERYTHING — Consumer electronics show or car show? Mercedes-Benz debuts concept driverless car of future. SENT: 1,120 words, photos, video.


NEW YORK — U.S. stocks fall, extending a decline after a big slump on Monday. The price of oil continued to slide and bonds rallied, pushing the yield on the 10-year Treasury note below 2 percent. By Markets Writer Steve Rothwell. SENT: 570 words, photos, interactive.



LOS ANGELES — "American Idol" returns for its 14th season with the results show a thing of the past and a new mentor on board. By Television Writer Lynn Elber. UPCOMING: 400 words by 2 p.m., photos.



NEW YORK — Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz appear to be shoo-ins for election to the Hall of Fame in what is shaping up as the baseball writers' biggest class of inductees in 60 years. When the Hall of Fame reveals the results Tuesday, holdover Craig Biggio and perhaps Mike Piazza could join those three first-ballot pitchers who were utterly dominant in a hitters' era of artificially bulging statistics. By Sports Writer Howie Rumberg. SENT: 760 words, photos. UPCOMING: Will be updated after 2 p.m. announcement.


— MIDEAST-WEATHER — Wintry weather strikes the Middle East, bringing cold to Syrian refugees, sandstorm to Cairo. SENT: 290 words, photos.

— NYPD-SLOWDOWN DEBATE — The number of arrests made and summonses issued by police has declined steeply in the two weeks since two officers were shot dead in their patrol car. UPCOMING: 500 words by 4 p.m., photos.

—UNITED STATES-MEXICO— Obama welcomes Mexico's embattled president to the White House, seeking help on immigration problems, Cuba and trade. SENT: 580 words, photos. UPCOMING: 650 words by 3 p.m., photos.

—GOP 2016-BUSH — Stepping closer to White House bid, Republican Jeb Bush forms `Right to Rise' political action committee. SENT: 330 words.

— VENEZUELA-FRENCH FRY SHORTAGE — Venezuela's more than 100 McDonald's franchises have run out of potatoes and are now serving South American alternatives like deep-fried arepa flatbreads or yuca. UPCOMING: 475 words by 2 p.m.; photos by 3:30 p.m.

—PALESTINIANS-HAMAS — The Israeli government claims Qatar expelled the leader of the Hamas militant group, but Hamas officials quickly deny the claim as baseless. SENT: 600 words, photo.

— FERTILITY TREATMENT RISKS — Complications are uncommon for women undergoing test-tube fertility procedures, a new 12-year U.S. study shows. SENT: 470 words, photo.

— KOREAS-TENSION — South Korea says rival North Korea has a 6,000-member cyber army dedicated to disrupting the South's military and government. SENT: 400 words.

— AARON HERNANDEZ — Judge rules that Hernandez trophy case won't be covered when jurors in murder case tour home. SENT: 450 words, photos.

— TEEN-CANCER TREATMENT — Connecticut court to decide if state can force 17-year-old girl to undergo cancer treatment. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: 500 words by 3 p.m.

— 1795 TIME CAPSULE — Public getting 1st glimpse of Sam Adams-era time capsule unearthed at Boston's Statehouse. SENT: 260 words. UPCOMING: Updates from 6 p.m. display, then 350 words by 8 p.m., pursuing photos, video.

— ROCHESTER-SCHOOL BUSES CRASH — 1 driver dead, 8 students and 1 adult at hospital after school buses collide in Rochester, NY. SENT: 250 words, photos.

— CLEVELAND POLICE SHOOT BOY — Mom of Cleveland boy shot by police while carrying pellet gun discusses investigation. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: 300 words by 4 p.m.

— AFGHAN SOLDIERS — Asylum decision expected for 1 of 3 Afghan soldiers who fled US-led training in Massachusetts. SENT: 200 words UPCOMING: 300 words by 2 p.m.