Keisha Bridges-Miller runs Prosperity Tax Service with her husband, Rocky, providing tax preparation and related services.

Keisha Bridges-Miller was home from college in her native Ohio, uncertain that her bachelor’s degree in psychology would lead to a career she would enjoy.

Pregnant with her first child, she decided to take a tax-preparation training class at Jackson Hewitt. She discovered that helping people work through the uneasiness of doing taxes was something she loved to do.

“It wasn’t too long I became manager of the office and I became crazy passionate about it,” she said.

Twenty-two years removed from that start at Jackson Hewitt in Cincinnati, she continues to help clients at Prosperity Tax Service, 4209 W. Waco Drive.

She co-owns the business with her husband, Rocky Miller. They met in Ohio, but she followed him back to Texas.

“I feel a tax office should be transparent, offer fair pricing and try to educate at the same time,” Bridges-Miller said. “I ultimately want my clients to be confident enough to do it themselves, though that’s probably not the best business model.”

Plenty of clients, however, keep coming to her for tax service.

“I have a solid relationship with 400-plus clients,” she said, noting that she maintains a lot of customers from her years in Ohio. She has clients across all 50 states and recently started tax preparations for a client currently living in Afghanistan.

Prosperity Tax Service began in Waco in 2004. It has been at its current location since 2015.

For the last two years she added Prosperity Travel Group to the office’s operation.

She and Rocky love to travel with their family — they share trips on social media with the #wearetheMillers hashtag — and Keisha said it made sense to help others with their travel plans.

After a year of training and certification, she was able to launch that “value-added service.”

“I’m really there to hold hands through the process,” she said, “from coordinating passports, lining up the entire trip, tracking the flights, texting them to make sure they know where they have to be.”


Keisha Bridges-Miller checks her client list as she prepares to make calls. She and her husband also run Prosperity Travel Group.

She recalled helping a group headed to Cancun get through the hiccup of having a flight canceled after midnight the day of travel. She received an alert, was able to book another flight and adjusted their itinerary so they could still do what they intended. Bridges-Miller kept in touch with them to help ease their concerns, she said.

“I wanted to make sure their trip was seamless,” she said, “so I took care of things from top to bottom.”

She also enjoys working in the community, such as with the Jack and Jill Club and the Feast in the East event, because it is “relationship-building.”

As for her own family relationships, she has four children ages 23, 22 (twins) and 14, and a 10-month-old granddaughter.

The family travels come after tax season, and she appreciates the freedom owning her business provides.

But her clients remain her priority. She takes the Bible verse of Luke 12:48 to heart, noting that “to whom much is given, much is required.”

“I was given a passion to do this and I want to do the absolute best I can with integrity,” she said.

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