The holidays are served this year,

With all the wrapping and the cheer.

People visit with songs to sing,

Gentle voices with bells to ring.


Some greeting cards sent through the mail,

Repeat the same old Yuletide tale.

Signatures printed nice and neat,

Sent from people I’ll never meet.


The big day brings a special meal,

A different menu but same appeal.

Visits from friends and family,

Come for some, but not for me.


A token gift wrapped in a box,

Another pair of winter socks,

And, for an extra-special treat,

Some powder for my clammy feet.


The best part of my day is last.

I close my eyes and see my past,

And dare to let emotions roam,

To holidays when I was home.


(Please remember those who won’t be home for the season.)

Marlene Tucker, a native of Haslet, Texas, makes her home on a farm just outside Axtell with her husband, Bill. She says there is a poetic story in almost everything. Email her at