So who else would like a reboot for the year 2020?

We’re reaching just the halfway point of this year and it’s already been a memorable one, but rarely in a good way, due to the coronavirus and the racial unrest and protest violence that has gripped much of the nation.

We can’t bury our collective heads in the sand and pretend those things aren’t a part of our lives, but perhaps on this page we can turn our thoughts to happier aspects for a little while.

Summertime. Even that word seems to evoke the concept of relaxation for most of us. Trips to the lake or beach; watching the fireflies flit in the yard as darkness falls; lying in a hammock under a shady tree. Taking that vacation you’ve been thinking about since the last vacation.

This is all assuming, of course, that the days aren’t so gosh-darned hot and you’re miserable unless you’re inside with the AC on, floating in a pool or running through a sprinkler.

I don’t know that necessarily our best memories are made in the summer, but I can think of plenty of good ones for my family that occurred in those summertime months. Like many families, that’s usually when we would be able to take a trip.

And sure, a couple of those involved Walt Disney World. We traveled to Disney World with my parents and siblings when I was in junior high. Our Ford Galaxie 500 station wagon was a tank, and we often would splay out and nap in the back (seat belts were not mandatory in the 1970s; though, yeah, they should have been).

I still remember one day having a problem with the back window, which could be rolled down. This time it wouldn’t roll completely back up, despite Dad kicking at it repeatedly. That somewhat-open window was loads of fun for us kids in the back while driving through one of those quick-hit Florida downpours the next afternoon.

We did the Disney thing with our kids in 2008, giving our then-new Honda Odyssey (which we still have) its first big trip. Sadly, that also was the year gas prices hovered around $4 a gallon. That was painful every time we had to top off the tank. But fun at Disney with the kids more than made up for it.

Trips to New York City, Washington, D.C., Colorado, Pennsylvania, Michigan (with a stop in Chicago), again to Florida (this time to Universal Studios) have dotted past summer calendars. There have been plenty of good memories made in the Lone Star State, too.

Going to China on a mission trip in 2011 was a tremendous experience. It also solidified in my mind that I never want to eat eel or a cooked chicken foot (and no, I didn’t try).

Here’s to good summer memories, and the chance to make more.

Waco Today Editor Ken Sury doesn’t even want to think what kind of gas mileage that old Galaxie 500 got. But gas was cheaper in the 1970s.

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