Safety. It’s a six-letter word that remains at the forefront of our thoughts these days.

Just living life brings its own risks. We’ve been told we are not guaranteed tomorrow. That’s never the cheeriest concept.

But as more Wacoans and Texans have been returning to work amid the uncertainty that is the coronavirus pandemic, there’s the nagging question about safety for us, our family, friends and co-workers.

It’s affecting our financial safety. It’s a concern for our physical health. And it’s picked away at our mental health.

Are we doing enough to stay safe? Have we washed our hands enough, sanitized enough, worn our masks enough, isolated enough? Some think the response is overwrought and the danger isn’t as great as health officials indicate.

You need only look at the numbers of people who have died already from COVID-19 to realize how dire the situation is. I dread the thought of contracting the virus and giving it to anyone.

COVID-19 has impacted our lives in many ways. For many of us it feels like a gray cloud following us, blocking out glimmers for hope. People are unable to work or have to make cuts so that their business can stay afloat. Sports at all levels are sidelined.

The government and various organizations are trying to help out the economy and families, but it’s a staggering challenge. And we just don’t know how long this may last.

It certainly feels more acute as we head into summertime, the time of year when we usually travel, enjoy the outdoors, splash in pools and lakes, or gather for family reunions. No one likes being separated from family members.

We can enjoy the outdoors, but we have to be mindful of others. I feel more comfortable seeing people keep the proper social distance when they are out at the park, store or any public spaces.

The number of cases for COVID-19 in McLennan County have been relatively low so far, no doubt the result of wisely sheltering in place early. You want to see that continue.

For those who have gone back to work, it is empowering to get that part of your life back, even though we have to be conscious of doing all that we can to mitigate the possibility of contracting the virus. We have to stay safe to keep others safe.

For those who have continued to serve throughout in your essential jobs, God bless you. You aren’t thanked enough.

We may never know with certainty whether what we’ve done in efforts to flatten the curve has been as effective as needed. But we definitely have to try.

Waco Today Editor Ken Sury also has been trying to peek around the dark clouds these days.

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Editor for Waco Today magazine and community editor at the Waco Tribune-Herald

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