There’s a longstanding lament about summer not being long enough. I’m already feeling that way.

Maybe that’s because I’m finally finishing this column on deadline (OK, past deadline) during a wilder than normal week that included mysterious car trouble and pitching in with Children’s Bible Club.

I’m glancing at my calendar and mentally marking X’s and making circles on the dates until Labor Day. A few vacation days in Port Aransas should rejuvenate me, but there’s still that bathroom renovation that needs to be started. And I really didn’t get that far on my window cleaning. Also, I’m glad the unruly growing shrubs are in the backyard.

I should be looking ahead to celebrating 25 years of marriage to my lovely bride, Jean, this month. She’s put up with me and my often crazy schedule forever and I am ever so thankful for that. I don’t express my love for her often enough (note to self: share the anniversary news on Facebook like everyone else does).

We all need time off to refresh the batteries and for sanity’s sake, but I do a poor job of taking the time. Whether it’s the daily grind of a newspaper or the monthly cadence to putting together this magazine, when I do take time off, it feels like an extra mad dash to the finish line (actually, insert “deadline” for “finish line.”)

I tell myself I’m going to finish that book I started reading last summer. That I’m going to go back out to BSR Surf Resort and actually stand up for more than a half-second on that surfboard.

I was able to take my kids to Six Flags in Arlington recently as part of media access to try out to new El Diablo loop coaster. It’s a great ride, by the way, and I planned to include a writeup about it in this month’s edition. But with commitments to other good stories this month, there wasn’t the room to tell that story. So I hastily write about it here, essentially a footnote among these pages.

One thing I don’t want to get lost in the summertime bustle is what’s on the opposite page. Stonehaven Dental and Orthodontics is sponsoring a smile and makeover giveaway this summer. Full details are on that page. We featured Dr. Charles Town in our May medical issue. In that, he shared about how jaw surgery improved his life as a teenager and helped set him on his dental career. Now he and other businesses are willing to help someone in a similar way.

Here’s hoping that you and I get to do most of what we want to accomplish this summer … at least for our own peace of mind.

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