Here we are moving into the third month of 2019, the month that brings us the start of spring (March 20), the beginning of daylight saving time (March 10) and spring break.

And we’re continuing the cleaning process that began at the start of the new year only to ramp up a bit with “spring cleaning.”

We always seem to talk about “decluttering our lives” and making changes when we break out the new calendar for the year. On Jan. 1 Marie Kondo and her method for tidying up homes popped into my Netflix queue. The Japan-born consultant is quite ubiquitous now. I’ve heard her name tossed out as a verb, as in “We’re gonna Marie Kondo the heck out of your bedroom closet.”

I could use some KonMari method in my life. I started a file last year to keep the paperwork for 2018 taxes. Now I can’t seem to track down that folder. It’s not gone, but it’s doing a bang-up job of going deep undercover.

So there’s a new pile of tax papers, currently sitting on the microwave; some on the dining room table. They will find a home in that folder, once it shows up so I can get cracking on my taxes in earnest.

Will it show up if I tap my heels together and say “Marie Kondo” three times? Didn’t think so.

Spring does mean renewal, however, and we are starting a new ongoing feature this month in Waco Today. “Those Who Make a Difference” provides a snapshot of someone who does good deeds that probably isn’t known by the community at large.

This month’s honoree is Cherie Hudson, owner of The Cutting Edge Salon & Spa on Washington Avenue. Without any fanfare she has helped the homeless in Waco gain a measure of dignity and self-worth by cutting and/or shampooing their hair. For about half a year now she recently made this ministry transportable with her Beauty from Ashes Mobile Salon, a van that can be driven to places where the homeless are.

It’s a wonderful service truly appreciated by those she helps. We applaud Cherie’s good work on pages 38-39 and look forward to bringing more deserving people recognition in the months to come. If you have someone you believe should be honored, send an email to and we’ll consider them.

Spring will be here before we know it. And Marie Kondo isn’t dropping by my house. Let the hunt begin!

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