Here’s a dirty little secret I need to come clean about: This Editor’s Note is about my least favorite thing to do in this magazine.

Sure, the Editor’s Note is a time-honored tradition. It’s a chance to share something about yourself, or to expound on some of the features that await the reader in the magazine.

Nearly every month, this Editor’s Note is the last — or almost the last — thing I write. Part of that can be logistical. Some months I want to say a little something about a story or two (as I will do later in this column), and if I want to tell readers what page to find said piece, that’s not always finalized until the end.

But to write about myself … that’s often a level of openness I’m not completely comfortable with. Will I expose myself as a poor grammarian for ending a sentence with a preposition (as I did in the previous sentence)?

Will I continue to shun the Oxford comma because that’s what the Associated Press Stylebook taught me to do?

Should I brag about my kids or is Facebook the proper venue for that? Should I talk about my wife (or is not talking about my wife the greater sin)?

Here’s the thing: I don’t lead an exciting life, so why should I bore you with my mundanity? Then again, if I did live a thrilling life with travels galore and swimming with sharks or whatnot, would telling those tales be pretentious? And is the approximately 400 words I have room for in this space enough to tell a really cool story?

I much prefer to write about and share the stories of the people we feature in Waco Today. People who do interesting things or help others. Those are tales worth telling. Or using these pages to display great photos from the Lady Bears’ national championship, as we do beginning on page 50.

I like to think we have a pretty good mix of regular features in this magazine. Having Karyn Miller Brooks share her wealth of cooking knowledge in engaging prose is a great addition. It’s always fun to visit Heartbreak, Texas, for a spell.

We recently added Becca McCormack and her “Refine Your Life” column that explores nutrition and physical fitness. Starting this month I’m pleased to include insight into mental health with the “Mind Matters” column by local psychologist Dr. Julia Becker. It’s interesting how the body’s mental and physical aspects often need each other. Now we address both in these pages.

There. I eclipsed 400 words for this column. Guess I’d better …

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