There’s that familiar feeling again. It’s that feeling of tightness around my waistband. No, my pants didn’t shrink.

Writing the Editor’s Note for our health-focused January issue always serves to remind me that I have to get better and more serious about being healthier. It seems like I’m saying that every year, however.

Certainly, this time of year does all of us no favors, from stuffing ourselves with turkey on Thanksgiving and then sitting on our butts watching football, to nibbling on holiday treats to partaking of Christmas parties to filling up with Christmas dinner (though I do so love a spiral ham).

Having my birthday around Thanksgiving inevitably means a birthday cake. I can always count on some kind of candy in my Christmas stocking, so there’s really no end in sight for having a calorie fest through the end of the year. And then, how much snacking happens while watching college bowl games and NL playoffs?

I don’t even want to see the scale.

Oh, self-control, where art thou? Or for that matter, finding the desire to exercise regularly again.

It shouldn’t be that difficult. It’s not that I don’t like exercising, I’ve just gotten lax about making it part of my regular routine. I’ve opted for sleeping in a little longer – getting enough sleep is important, too, right? – instead of getting up early to hit the gym.

Exercise in the evening? If I don’t feel like getting up early, then working out after a long day in the office doesn’t hold much appeal either. For me, it’s Netflix and … vegetate.

I am truly impressed with those for whom exercise is a real part of their lives. You’ll meet some of them in this issue. It certainly doesn’t have to be a boring stretch of time spent on a treadmill. A lot of people enjoy getting out and running in area races, and there’s plenty of those to choose from. You don’t have to compete in a triathlon or marathon, but there are plenty of local 5K and 10K races for those who like the competitive nature of those events. Plenty of people also run those races only with the intent of finishing, while their entry fee goes to help raise funds for a worthwhile cause.

The Spartan races that you’ll read about in our cover story is an intriguing type of obstacle-course event. As sisters Chelsey, Calley and Cassidey Crye share in the story, participants do some odd challenges in addition to covering the race distance. Carrying a bucket of rocks? Crawling under barbed wire? Sounds more like military boot camp to me.

But I do see the appeal in something that’s decidedly different from the usual 5K run.

I do need to have a change in attitude, though maybe not to the extent of a doing a Spartan race or marathon. But if my healthy diet and exercise routine doesn’t grow, then I surely will.

And I’ll need new pants.

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