Technically, the full name is the Dr Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute, but most people know it as the Dr Pepper Museum.

It is celebrating its 25-year anniversary, and doing it in a big way with an expansion into an 1882-era building across the courtyard from the original structure at 300 S. Fifth St.

The new areas of the East Wing Building provided more space not just for the Emerson Holt-Ted Getterman Gallery — named for the key businessmen in the Waco soft drink bottling industry — but for several new additions.

In the Holt-Getterman Gallery are old wooden soda wagons, an early 20th-century delivery truck, a simulated 7UP bottling line, a model train setup designed and built by Ted Getterman’s son, Holt, a wall dedicated to Dr Pepper’s sponsorship of NASCAR and IndyCar racing. The Liquid Laboratory gives demonstrations about the science of soft drinks and foods.

And of course, at the end of the tour, you can still get that Dr Pepper float.

ADDRESS: 300 S. Fifth St.

PHONE: 757-1024

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