There’s only about three months to enjoy Tonkawa Falls, which only becomes “the falls” when there’s sufficient runoff from up north that flows into Tonk Creek. The springtime rains get it started, but by mid-summer — unless there’s a decent amount of rainfall in June and July — it becomes a trickle and then dries up completely.

It’s a gorgeous setting while the water flowing, and because it’s free, it’s a popular spot for cooling off. Jumping off the adjacent cliffs into the water is popular, but city officials and EMS personnel discourage that because hitting the solid rock at the bottom has led to cuts and broken bones.

ADDRESS: Tonkawa Falls is east of downtown Crawford between Fourth Street and Fifth Street (F.M. 185). Swimmers should park at the football field parking lot on Fourth and enter through a pedestrian gate near the bridge.

PHONE: 254-486-2125 (chamber)

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