Jeff Rader

Jessica, you mention "democracy" 19 times, and "democratic" twice. The United States is a Constitutional Republic, and NOT a democracy. Figures that you're a chamber VP.

Nuclear power is being updated. Do some research on Stage 3 and Stage 4 reactors/power plants in France.

Magnolia WILL eventually fizzle. Reality TV isn't reality. Then what?

Thomas, I really like the title of your letter: " In the middle with you." Reminds me of the "Steeler's Wheel" song, in which there were clowns to the left of me, and jokers to the right.

They need to clear out the one in the woods near 17th and Jackson next.

What in the world would Joanna Gaines speak about at SXSW? Is she an expert in music too? Perhaps politics? That's pretty much what SXSW has turned in to.

Don't understand why there always has to be a "give away" at an event to raise awareness, make people responsible, or worse, involve government. ( In this case for proper firearm storage.) Just change your behavior and become a responsible member of the civil society.

Please stop calling them a "power couple." What power do they wield? Do they run on batteries or gasoline?

You forgot.....the softball questions were already known to the candidates, and no questions were allowed randomly from the audience. The moderators were just there to put on the show and prevent a free-for-all.

I agree with you a 100%. Flores was about useless for all of his Congressional life, just like Doc Anderson on a local level. I don't know who is worse. And I agree with you about Chet Edwards. A true Statesman who really did a lot for his district, and never put party first.

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