Don Mcfarland

Sorry, guys. It's all about money.

Did you expect him to do other wise. He is part of the problem in our state.

Mr. Flores served time and has his pension for life. He chose not to run again so what he thinks doesn't count. He was part of the problem in Washington.

What do you expect when you ignore something for years. It should have had periodic

inspections over the years.

Has any one given thought to testing people who drink this water to see how much is in their bodies? The EPA keeps changing the limits but offer no solution.

Mr. Alvarez I don't think you read the paper. The subject had been presented several times.

Thank you for your input Mr. Flores. You chose not to run for reelection. Please keep quite.

I have never under stood why Waco keeps trying to keep spending money on the airport. TSTC airport can handle any aircraft that flies. It's a waste of Federal money to keep spending at the Waco airport. Oh, I forgot Waco wouldn't be in control.

So Waco spends 1.4 million and they expect the Prairie Hill water system to provide water meters for free. They give away money for various things but Prairie Hill wasn't nice to them so we have to give them something for nothing. The big guy beating up on the little guy.

DJ2627 commented on LETTERS: Democrat apocalypse!

I can get where Mr. Dayton gets his information and learns his name calling.

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