Feeding eagles with fish

Brian Boyd (left) and Rachel Sine of Wildlife Rehab Lorena help an injured bald eagle rescued from Lake Waco after falling from its nest. Boyd has been collecting donated fish from local anglers to provide meals for the birds.

Brian Boyd has spent the past decade documenting the lives, through photos, of Lake Waco’s bald eagles. Recently, he’s been photographing the two juvenile eaglets nearly ready to leave the nest, but last week’s winds damaged the eagle nest and sent the birds plummeting 50 feet to the ground.

Boyd was on hand to help get the birds to a rehab center in Lorena, and has stayed in close touch with the staff there to keep up with their progress. After learning that the eagles weren’t eating on Friday, Boyd went to Lake Waco and told some fishermen about the situation, and they donated their catch to him.

He told me the fish dinner did the trick, and he even got to do the feeding. Plus, he’s gotten other offers from anglers who want to help provide fish meals for the injured birds.

I imagine Boyd never thought he’d be face to face with a bald eagle while giving it a mouthful of catfish – or want it to be under these circumstances – but it’s a lucky thing for those eagles that he was there.

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