Through the years: Central Texas state championship teams

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State champions

The 2019 Mart football team, state champions.

Throughout its history, Central Texas has produced dozens of athletic teams across all manner of sports that have separated themselves as the best in the state. Each title team has its own story of playoff glory, of the journey that took them to the trophy-toting mountaintop.

Here’s a look at the Centex area’s state championship teams from throughout the years.

Note: Some schools listed are no longer in the Tribune-Herald circulation area.


1922: Waco High

1925: Waco High

1926: Waco High

1927: Waco High

1945: Waco High (tied Highland Park 7-7 in title game)

1948: Waco High (2A)

1951: Moore (PVIL 2A)

1952: Moore (PVIL 3A)

1955: Rockdale Aycock (PVIL 1A)

1957: Mart (1A)

1958: Reicher (SWAL)

1959: West Dunbar (PVIL 1A)

1960: Moore (PVIL 4A)

1962: Reicher (TCIL)

1963: Reicher (TCIL)

1964: Moore (PVIL 4A)

State champions

Members of A.J. Moore High’s 1964 team pose with their state championship trophy at a 2014 reunion. Bottom row, left to right: Anthony Fulbright, Clyde Foster, Frederick Dooley, Elroy Cross, Willie McDonald. Top row, left to right: James Jones, Joe Smith.

1969: Mart (1A)

1972: Chilton (Class B)

1974: Reicher (TCIL 2A)

1975: Reicher (TCIL 2A)

1976: Rockdale (2A)

1978: China Spring (1A)

1979: Temple (4A), Milford (Six-man)

1980: Milford (Six-man)

1981: Cameron (3A), Bremond (1A)

1987: Lorena (2A)

1989: Mexia (3A); Waco Christian (TAPPS 2A)

1991: Killeen (5A Division I), Groesbeck (3A); Parkview (TAPPS 1A)

1992: Temple (5A Division II)

1996: Parkview (TAPPS 2A)

1999: Mart (2A Division I)

2000: Gatesville (3A Division I)

2002: Rosebud-Lott (2A Division II), Calvert (Six-man)


The 2002 Rosebud-Lott football team, state champions.

state championship

The 2004 Crawford football team, state champions.

State champions

The 2006 Mart football team, state champions.

2004: Crawford (2A Division II), Reicher (TAPPS Division III)

2006: Mart (2A Division II), Chilton (1A Division II)

2007: Reicher (TAPPS Division III)

2008: Reicher (TAPPS Division III)

2009: Reicher (TAPPS Division III)

2010: Mart (1A Division I)

2011: Live Oak (TCAL six-man Div. I)

State champions

The 2007 Reicher Catholic football team, state champions.


The 2011 Live Oak Classical football team, state champions.

2012: Cameron Yoe (2A Division I)

2013: Cameron Yoe (2A Division I); Live Oak (TCAL six-man Div. I)

2014: Cameron Yoe (3A Division I); Bremond (2A Division II)

2015: La Vega (4A Division I); Bremond (2A Division II); Abbott (1A Division I)

2016: Bremond (2A Division II), Live Oak (TAPPS six-man Div. II)

2017: Mart (2A Division I), Live Oak Classical (TAPPS six-man Div. II), Methodist Children's Home (TCAF six-man Div. I), Parkview Christian (TCAL six-man Div. II)

2018: La Vega (4A Division I), Mart (2A Division II)

2019: Mart (2A Division II), Blum (1A Division I)

Liberty Hill

The 2018 La Vega football team, state champions.


1967: Leon (Class B)

1978: Abbott (Class B)

1979: Abbott (Class B)

1982: Leon (1A)

1983: Leon (1A)

1986: Leon (2A)

1987: Leon (2A)

1991: Leon (2A)

2000: Leon (2A)

2002: Leon (2A)

2007: Midway (4A)

2012: Leon (1A)

2015: Leon (3A)

2017: Crawford (2A); Live Oak (TAPPS 2A)

2019: Crawford (2A)

Crawford Leon

The 2019 Crawford volleyball team, state champions.

Girls Cross Country

1982: Midway (4A)

1990: Vanguard

1991: Vanguard

1992: Hamilton (2A), Vanguard

1993: Hamilton (2A), Vanguard

1994: Hamilton (2A), Vanguard

1995: Hamilton (2A), Vanguard

1996: Hamilton (2A), Vanguard

1997: Vanguard

1998: Crawford (2A), Vanguard

1999: Crawford (2A)

2000: Vanguard

2015: Hamilton (2A)

Boys Cross Country

1991: Vanguard

Boys Basketball

1932: Temple

1956: Rockdale Aycock (PVIL 1A)

1958: Belton (2A); Temple Dunbar (PVIL 2A)

1976: Mart (2A)

1997: Italy (2A), Wortham (1A)

1999: Mexia (3A); Waco Christian (TAPPS 2A)

2000: La Vega (3A)

2001: Mexia (3A)

2002: Academy (2A)


The 2009 Robinson girls basketball team, state champions.

Girls Basketball

1951: Hamilton

1954: Midway

1962: West (2A)

1969: Midway (2A)

1970: Robinson (2A)

1972: Midway (2A)

1974: Midway (3A), Crawford (Class B)

1975: Midway (3A)

1984: Richfield (4A)

1985: Richfield (4A), Troy (2A)

1992: Vanguard (TAPPS 2A)

1993: Vanguard (TAPPS 2A)

1994: Midway (4A); Vanguard (TAPPS 2A)

1995: Vanguard (TAPPS 2A)

1996: Groesbeck (3A)

1998: Hamilton (2A)

2006: China Spring (3A)

2009: Midway (4A), Robinson (3A)

2013: Mexia (3A)

2014: La Vega (3A)

2020: Fairfield (4A)

University boys soccer 2013

The 2013 University boys soccer team, state champions.

Boys Soccer

1985: Reicher (TCIL)

1987: Reicher (TAPPS)

1988: Reicher (TAPPS)

1990: Reicher (TAPPS)

1991: Reicher (TAPPS)

2002: Reicher (TAPPS 4A), Midway (4A)

2013: University (4A)

State champions

The 2008 Bosqueville baseball team, state champions.


1959: Moore (PVIL 3A)

1960: Moore (PVIL 3A)

1963: Moore (PVIL 4A)

1964: Carver (PVIL 3A)

1966: Moore (PVIL 4A)

1967: Moore (PVIL 4A)

1975: Reicher

1981: Bremond (1A)

1983: Valley Mills (1A)

1987: China Spring (2A)

1989: China Spring (2A)

1991: Valley Mills (1A); Waco Christian (TAPPS 2A)

1992: Valley Mills (1A)

1993: China Spring (2A); Parkview (TAPPS 1A)

1994: Belton (4A)

1999: West (3A)

2000: China Spring (3A)

2001: Bremond (1A)

2003: Midway (4A), Lorena (3A)

2006: Reicher (TAPPS 4A)

2010: Reicher (TAPPS 3A)

2007: Rogers (2A)

2008: Salado (2A), Bosqueville (1A)

2010: Rogers (2A)

2011: Cameron Yoe (2A)

2015: West (Class 3A)

2016: West (Class 3A)

2017: Abbott (Class 1A)

state championship

The 2016 West baseball team, state champions.

State champions

The 2005 Troy softball team, state champions.


1988: Reicher (TAPPS)

1993: Vanguard (TAPPS 2A)

1996: Blooming Grove (2A)

1997: Waco Covenant (TAPPS 1A)

1998: Midway (4A); Vanguard (TAPPS 4A)

1999: Robinson (3A); Vanguard (TAPPS 3A)

2000: Troy (2A)

2001: Vanguard (TAPPS 3A)

2007: Troy (2A), Bosqueville (1A)

2010: Midway (4A), Reicher (TAPPS 3A)

2012: Crawford (2A)

2014: Crawford (2A); Vanguard (TAPPS 1A/2A); Reicher (TAPPS 4A)

2016: West (3A)

2017: Reicher (TAPPS Division III)

2019: Crawford (Class 2A), Reicher (TAPPS Division III)

state championship

The 2016 West softball team, state champions.

Boys Golf

1951: Lampasas (1A)

1952: Lampasas (1A)

1973: Salado (Class B)

1981: Mart (2A), Salado (1A)

1982: Salado (1A)

1983: Salado (1A)

1984: China Spring (3A), Salado (1A)

1985: China Spring (3A)

1986: Salado (1A)

1987: China Spring (2A)

1988: China Spring (2A)

1989: China Spring (2A)

1997: Hamilton (2A), Meridian (1A)

1998: Mexia (3A), Hamilton (2A)

1999: Hamilton (2A)

2005: Vanguard (TAPPS 3A)

2006: Vanguard (TAPPS 3A)

2007: Vanguard (TAPPS 3A)

2008: Vanguard (TAPPS 3A)

2009: Vanguard (TAPPS 3A), Gatesville (3A)

2010: Vanguard (TAPPS 3A)

2011: Vanguard (TAPPS 3A)

2012: Vanguard (TAPPS 3A)

2013: Vanguard (TAPPS 3A)

2014: Vanguard (TAPPS 3A)

2015: Vanguard (TAPPS 3A)

2016: Vanguard (TAPPS 3A)

Girls Golf

1982: Salado (1A)

1985: Belton (4A)

1988: Belton (4A)

1993: China Spring (2A)

1994: China Spring (2A)

1996: Vanguard (TAPPS 2A)

1997: China Spring (3A)

1998: China Spring (3A), Hamilton (2A)

1999: Hamilton (2A)

2000: Hamilton (2A)

2001: Hamilton (2A)

2002: Salado (2A)

2003: Salado (2A)

2006: Salado (2A)

2010: Salado (2A)

2013: Salado (2A)

2013: Vanguard (TAPPS 3A)

2014: Vanguard (TAPPS 3A)

2015: Vanguard (TAPPS 3A)

2016: Vanguard (TAPPS 3A)

2019: McGregor (3A)

Boys Track

1909: Belton

1914: Marlin

1918: Hillsboro (1A)

1924: Corsicana State Home (B)

1931: Jewett (B)

1932: Jewett (B)

1949: Troy (PVIL D)

1951: Cameron Thomas (PVIL 1A)

1952: Calvert (PVIL 1A)

1953: Temple Dunbar (PVIL 2A); West Dunbar (PVIL 1A)

1955: Rosebud Wilson (1A); Hubbard Ash Creek (PVIL B)

1958: Rosebud Wilson (PVIL 1A)

1966: Jewett Carter (PVIL B)

1967: Cameron Thomas (PVIL 1A)

1970: Mart (1A)

1975: Hearne (2A)

1976: Lampasas (3A)

1977: Rockdale (2A), Meridian (B)

1978: Killeen (4A), Mart (1A), Wortham (B)

1979: Killeen (4A)

1980: Killeen (4A)

1983: Bremond (1A)

1984: Bremond (1A)

1991: Killeen (5A), Marlin (3A)

1992: Calvert (1A)

1993: Connally (3A), Chilton (1A)

2000: Hearne (3A)

2001: Parkview (TAPPS 1A)

2005: Reicher (TAPPS 4A)

2007: Copperas Cove (4A)

2009: Reicher (TAPPS 3A)

2010: Reicher (TAPPS 3A)

2014: Rosebud-Lott (2A); Live Oak (TCAL 2A)

2019: La Vega (4A)

Girls Track

1956: Troy (PVIL C)

1957: Marlin Washington (PVIL 2A)

1958: Marlin Washington (PVIL 2A)

1960: Cameron Thomas (PVIL 1A)

1961: Moore (PVIL 4A)

1962: Marlin Washington (PVIL 3A)

1963: Marlin Washington (PVIL 3A)

1964: Valley Mills Junior High (PVIL B)

1968: Fairfield Linden (PVIL 2A)

1974: Robinson (1A)

1976: Midway (3A)

1977: Meridian (B)

1979: Reicher (TCIL)

1989: Corsicana (4A)

1992: Fairfield (3A)

1993: Fairfield (3A)

1995: La Vega (3A)

1996: Groesbeck (3A)

2006: Hubbard (1A)

2007: Reicher (TAPPS 3A)

2008: Reicher (TAPPS 3A)

2010: Cameron Yoe (2A)

2011: Cameron Yoe (2A)

2012: Connally (3A)

2013: Live Oak (TCAL 2A)

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