Man, oh man. We’ve got some really good high school football in Central Texas.

You knew that. I knew that. Everyone knows that. But let me tell you, it’s a truth made all the more apparent when you start trying to assemble a Super Centex All-Decade Football Team.

Every year, without fail, the Centex area produces a fertile harvest of football talent. So, you can imagine the consternation we might endure when trying to pluck the choicest fruit from 10 years’ worth of that harvest. It was a daunting mission.

Whenever we face (rare) complaints about a particular year’s Super Centex squad, I always make the comment that making second-team Super Centex is nothing to be ashamed about. It’s an honor, actually. That idea is only amplified with the All-Decade Team. The guys who made Second-Team Super Centex in this sparkling constellation still shine as some of the brightest stars in their respective programs’ history.

A couple of notes: We went with two quarterbacks on both the first and second teams, along with a utility spot on both squads. There are just too many great QBs to limit this group to just a couple. Plus, we need that extra guy on offense, since we run a 4-4-4 on defense. Why should linebackers get the shaft on an all-star team?

Also, to be eligible for the team, a player must have finished his high school playing days during the 2010s. That means you won’t spot any still-active guys — they’ll have to wait for the All-Decade Team of the 2020s.

I’m sure this team will create some debate over who was snubbed. It would be impossible to create such a squad without doing so. That said, of this there should be no debate:

With these guys on your side, you’d win a few games.

A lifelong rider of the Houston sports bandwagon and a lifelong hater of vegetables, Brice Cherry has been named Texas Sportswriter of the Year several times during his Tribune-Herald career, which began in 1998. He has been sports editor since 2012.

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