Over the past year, the Trib has published a series of Super Centex All-Decade Teams for the 2010s. It’s been enjoyable to go back and dig through the archives and reminisce about all the great athletes who have called Central Texas home.

In recent months, I’ve heard the queries from fans of the “other” sports. What about golf?, someone asked. Other readers inquired about tennis or track and field.

Although it would be difficult to produce an entire team of Super Centex stars for each of those sports, we could certainly come up with an Athlete of the Decade for each one. In most cases, I’ve also listed some honorable mention selections as well. These superlative winners are based on their overall careers and laundry list of achievements. As you’ll soon see, it’s a rather esteemed group.

One note: these winners followed the same eligibility rules as our previous Super Centex All-Decade teams, in that the athlete should have finished up their athlete careers within the decade between 2010 and 2019. I (strongly) considered providing an exception for those spring sports seniors in the Class of 2020 who didn’t get to finish their athletic careers this year. Ultimately, I decided to stick to the same format. We won’t forget about those stars if we’re all still around in 2030 — they’ll be eligible for the 2020s All-Decade superlatives.   > Read more

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