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11-man: PassingRushingReceivingDefenseINTKickoff returnPunt return

6-man: PassingRushingReceivingDefenseINTKickoff returnPunt return

Standings, schedules & results

District 12-6ADistrict 18-5A

District 13-4A Div. IDistrict 4-4A Div. IIDistrict 9-4A Div. II

District 9-3A Div. IDistrict 10-3A Div. I

District 11-3A Div. IIDistrict 12-3A Div. II

District 7-2A Div. IDistrict 8-2A Div. IDistrict 13-2A Div. I

District 10-2A Div. IIDistrict 11-2A Div. IITAPPS 4-III

District 10-1A Div. IDistrict 13-1A Div. IDistrict 14-1A Div. I

District 14-1A Div. IIDistrict 15-1A Div. IIDistrict 16-1A Div. II

TAPPS 6-man 3-ITAPPS 6-man 2-IITCAF 6-man 2-I

About StatsPlus

StatsPlus is based on information received from area coaches.

The deadline to submit stats each week is noon Monday. Stats should be faxed to (254) 756-7803. Coaches should send cumulative totals for the entire season and all players should be identified by first and last names.

Coaches may e-mail corrections/additions to the Trib at or contact or

Statistics and standings are updated every Monday and appear in the Tribune-Herald on Tuesday.

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