Marcell Estell will make his third run for the state championship in the 200 meters. He’s also running in the 100 meters.

Watching Marcell Estell play football, Bosqueville quarterback Tyler Webb came up with the perfect nickname: Cheat Code.

Webb got the name from an old 1980s football video game that featured legendary running back Bo Jackson.

“My dad would tell me about the original Tecmo Bowl game and how Bo Jackson’s name was the Human Cheat Code and he couldn’t be stopped,” Webb said. “My dad and I were just watching film one day and he made the comment, and I said ‘Hey, that’s kind of like Marcell.’ On the football field, he looks like he’s just playing with everybody from that game, so I think it fits.”

Estell’s speed and dynamic moves made him a Tribune-Herald Super Centex receiver after he delivered stunning offensive numbers both catching and running the ball for Bosqueville last fall.

That speed easily translates to track. Estell will try to win his second straight Class 2A 200 meters title after blazing to a personal best 21.77 seconds as a junior at last year’s state track meet.

On Saturday night in Austin, he’ll take on double duty since he also qualified for the state meet in the 100 meters. Estell is scheduled to run the races two hours apart with the 100 meters at 7:05 p.m. and the 200 meters at 9:05 p.m.

“It will be exciting this year since I get to go in two events,” Estell said. “I can’t wait. It will be a great experience. You get to perform in front of everybody.”

Estell knows the University of Texas’ Mike A. Myers Stadium like his own backyard since this will be his third trip to run the 200 meters at the state meet. After placing fourth with a time of 22.26 seconds as a sophomore two years ago, he pulled away from the rest of the field last year with a remarkable closing kick.

“That was the best time I ever ran, and one of the reasons was because coach always pushed me in practice,” Estell said. “Coach always told me to stretch real good before you race and I did that. This year I think I’ll have to run faster. I think I have more competition than last year. It will be a pretty close race.”

Estell finished second in the regional 200 meters in Palestine and hasn’t yet cracked the 22-second barrier this year. He won the regional in the 100 meters, but he might have to top his best time of 11.02 seconds to win state.

“I think he’s got a good chance to medal in both the events he’s in,” said Bosqueville track coach Chris Montez. “He’s probably going to have to do better. Our times in the 100 and 200 in our region were the slowest in the state. Last year he had the fastest time in the state (in the 200 meters). A lot of it depends on the conditions. The conditions last year were really nice. It wasn’t too hot, it wasn’t too cold. It was a pretty good track day, so it helped him produce a good time.”

Estell hasn’t yet decided whether he’ll run track or play football in college. He said Tarleton State has shown interest in him as a sprinter while Texas State has looked at him for his football abilities.

But he wants to finish his high school career with a great performance at the state track meet. Montez doesn’t expect anything less than a memorable closing act.

“He has a pretty good idea what to expect, the whole routine,” Montez said. “So going back this year, I don’t think that’s going to be anything that will really bother him. He doesn’t get rattled very easily. When things start to fall apart, he’s the one who’s still doing his job. He’s always focused and on task and is just a great kid to coach.”

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