There’s no time to stand still and talk about it. Jason Kramer has to get his steps in.

So the interviewer follows Kramer with laps around the turf at Midway’s indoor facility. Just because he surpassed one million steps for the month of June on the 18th, don’t think he’s letting up. Because he’s not.

He’s already entertaining the idea of walking two million steps in July.

“What keeps me motivated is how can I be better than I was yesterday,” Kramer said. “Because yesterday is gone. It doesn’t matter what I did yesterday. Am I great today? I have to stick with it.”

This all started back in January, when the Midway football operations director went to the dentist. A blood pressure reading there was high enough for Kramer to be told to go see a doctor. But Kramer shrugged off the advice a little bit. He thought he was healthy enough.

There was no more avoiding the truth, though, after Kramer told some of the coaches at Midway. They made sure he went to see a doctor. And when he got there, his blood pressure skyrocketed to over 200.

“It was a heart attack waiting to happen,” Kramer said. “I was drinking 20 Cokes a day. I couldn’t go 10 minutes without a Coke. The doctor told me to exercise or else I’d pay for it. So I started working out, and it got easier and easier. If you make a serious commitment and stick with it, you can achieve anything.”

Kramer started working out on the elliptical machine and the stationary bike. A short time later, one of the Midway trainers told him to think about walking instead. After walking for a few days, Kramer noticed better results as the pounds dropped faster.

Since he started working out in late January, he’s lost 57 pounds.

“I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life,” Kramer said. “If you just work out, you’ll feel great.”

Kramer was already walking all over Woodway, around his neighborhood, in parks and up at Midway High School when he spotted a report that a doctor in Indiana had completed a million steps in a month.

Challenge accepted.

“I was like, ‘Oh I can do that,’” Kramer said with a grin. “I wanted to do it better and faster. I’m averaging 55,000 steps a day this month.”

A 1993 graduate of Midway High, Kramer tells anyone he meets that he loves Midway more than he loves himself. If he needed any indication that the people of Midway love him right back, he’s got it.

Brad Shelton, Midway’s athletic director, was at the indoor facility to give Kramer a high-five as he prepared for multiple interviews with the local media. Kramer has received tons of well wishes on social media. One of the coaches gave him a Fitbit. He started using it on June 7, so he’s about to pass the one million mark on that shortly.

“Midway saved my life,” Kramer said. “They literally saved my life. If they weren’t on me, I wouldn’t be here. The whole Midway family, I’m eternally grateful to them. That’s why I love them to death.”

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