Parkview Christian’s mascot is the Pacer, but the way that the team’s top offensive players are going maybe it should be the Don’t-Even-Try-To-Keep-Pacers.

Parkview quarterback Ian Guerrero and receiver Braeden Arp are racking up numbers that are staggering even in the wide-open world of six-man football. Guerrero and Arp not only lead Central Texas in passing and receiving, but they both sit No. 1 in the nation among six-man players, according to’s statistical leaders.

Guerrero has completed 71 of 120 for 1,548 yards, 23 touchdowns and four interceptions in just five games. He flings many of those tosses in the direction of Arp, who has 781 yards on 31 grabs, including 14 for touchdowns.

Parkview coach Bryce Frazier said that Guerrero and Arp share an unbreakable bond.

“For sure, they can come over to us on the sidelines and say, ‘Hey, let’s do this,’” Frazier said. “Ian is just more comfortable in Year 2 as a starter, and he knows the offense inside and out. Of course, having Braeden on the outside helps. … He’s tremendous over the top, just a big body. The confidence they have together has led to a really unique chemistry.”

At 6-foot-3, Arp is blessed with uncommon size for the six-man game. So the Pacers frequently employ a jump ball when they venture into the red zone. The thinking is, if Guerrero can lob it in the zip code of Arp, the receiver will go up and get it more often than not.

“When we get inside the 30, we’re throwing a 50-50 ball most of the time,” Frazier said. “Because Arp has such a big body, that it’s going to give him a shot to catch it every time.”

That potent offense has pushed Parkview (4-2) to the No. 2 ranking in TCAL Six-Man Division I.

“The team camaraderie that we have, the way we’re playing so well, we have every intention of playing for that state championship,” Frazier said.

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