Connally senior guard Trajan Snell, Waco Trib’s Super Centex Player of the Year in basketball this season, has signed a letter of intent with Hill College.

Quinton Snell, with the mic in his hand, took a deep breath. His son, Trajan, was seated a few feet to his left at center court of the Connally High School gym. Quinton wasn’t sure he’d make it through his speech without shedding a tear or two as his son signed his letter of intent to play basketball at Hill College Friday morning.

“He’s this big, but no one can every measure your heart,” Quinton said. “He’s done a whole lot of things for this school. This school has done a whole lot of things for our family.”

Quinton was named the head basketball coach at Connally 18 years ago, the same year Trajan was born. And Quinton remembers exactly where Trajan sat his first time in the gym when he was six weeks old.

“I mean, it’s loud in here. The sub horn goes off,” Quinton said. “Trajan slept the whole time that game. So after his mom came home and told me that, I said, ‘Maybe this is the place for him.’ He was just really relaxed in here.”

A four-year varsity player for Connally, Trajan is a four-time Waco Trib Super Centex honoree, most recently being named the Super Centex Player of the Year after this season. He also added District 17-4A MVP honors to go with 15 double-doubles, four triple-doubles and a pair of quadruple-doubles.

“It’s meant everything,” Trajan said. “Growing up in this gym, growing up around the Connally program, it’s just a blessing. I’m just thankful.”

Quinton joked that once Trajan signed his letter, he would no longer be his coach. He’d get to be just his father. And with Hill College right up I-35, Trajan’s family should be able to see him play many times while he’s there.

“Hill College is close to home and they have a good program,” Trajan said. “They send dudes off to good schools each year. They have good point guards and a really good coaching staff. It’s the perfect fit for me.”

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