The nice thing about records is that they allow a person to gauge his or her accomplishments, and allow others to appreciate the time and effort and work that goes into getting one. Shane Keeton, head baseball coach for Valley Mills, picked up his 200th career win as a coach on Thursday

But you wouldn’t know it from talking with him.

“It’s good,” Keeton said about the win. “I’m blessed to have good athletes, good coaches, good administrators and good parents. It’s not about me. It’s about the kids.”

The kids are all right. The No. 4-ranked Eagles fell behind early to Crawford, 2-0, after the first innings. The Eagles climbed back, taking the lead and finding themselves up, 10-4. What should have been easy coasting turned out to be a hard slog, as the Pirates battled back to make a game of it again. The Eagles responded with a scoring jag of their own, and ultimately put the game away in the sixth, with a final score of 19-9.

And if Keeton said the game was about the kids, well, the kids felt some pride in their coach. They put together a video for him, letting it run after the game to celebrate a career accomplishment.

Keeton was grateful for the tribute, but listening to him talk, it’s clear the milestone meant more to him because his kids pulled out the win.

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