LaVega Argyle

Stacey Bowers Smith, a former multi-sport standout for the Lady Pirates, was among the inductees to the inaugural La Vega ISD Hall of Fame.

Midway has one. La Vega and China Spring have unveiled theirs over the past couple of weeks. Waco ISD has one that covers both University and Waco High.

No, I’m not talking about a Chick-fil-A or a Whataburger in the cafeteria. (Though that would be pretty sweet, wouldn’t it, students?) The bastion of delicious treats to which I’m referring is a Hall of Fame.

History shouldn’t just be tucked away in textbooks or lectured about in classrooms. It should be preserved, and in the case of the shinier parts of history, celebrated.

That’s why I commend school districts like the aforementioned that have sought to carve out a place for the great athletes, coaches and teams of their athletic histories. Such halls of fame not only provide meaningful recognition for those being honored, but they’re a great teaching tool. They’re a conversation starter for the generations to come.

“Hey, Dad, who was MT Rice? What’s his story?” the question might go, prompting the ideal response: “Well, let me tell you …”