The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved a few rule changes that will take place beginning in the 2017-18 basketball season.

One common change is that both men’s and women’s coaching boxes have been extended from 28-feet to 38-feet.

The committee believes this alteration will allow coaches to improve communication with their teams.

Women’s basketball will follow with a change similar to one that men’s basketball underwent two years ago.

The 3-foot restricted area arc inside the paint will now be 4-foot.

A secondary defender must be outside the arc and in legal guarding position to draw a charge.

If the player is in the restricted area when contact is made, a foul (block) will be called.

Men’s basketball changes

  • Referees can use the instant replay rule in the last two minutes of the second half or last two minutes of overtime to see if a secondary defender was inside or outside the restricted-area arc but only when a call has been made.
  • A mandatory minimum of 0.3 second will be taken off the game clock when the ball is legally touched and an official immediately blows his whistle.
  • A legal screen was redefined to require that that inside of the screener’s feet be no wider than his shoulders.
  • The cylinder rule was adjusted to allow more freedom of movement for the offense. So, if a defender straddles an offensive player’s leg in a way that prohibits him from making a normal basketball move, contact that creates a common foul will be called.
  • Throw-in spots will be more consistent in the frontcourt when the offensive team retains possession after a nonshooting foul or other stoppages.

Women’s basketball changes

  • The “use-it-or-lose-it” timeout in the first half has been eliminated. Coaches are allowed to carry all timeouts over to the second half.
  • The 10-second backcourt count will not be reset when the offensive team calls a timeout.
  • Officials will be allowed to use replay to determine if the release of the ball on a made bucket occurred before the shot clock expired.
  • A player must place both feet on the floor outside the lane to avoid a three-second violation.
  • Teams will now be able to choose which side of the court to inbound the ball after advancing it to the frontcourt after a timeout in the backcourt. In the past, teams had to inbound the ball at the 28-foot line on the side with the scorer’s table.

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