Baylor senior guard Kristy Wallace suffered a torn ACL when she went down early in the second quarter chasing West Virginia’s Ashley Jones in the backcourt Monday night inside the Ferrell Center.

“With any ACL injury, you don’t go into surgery immediately,” Baylor head coach Kim Mulkey said. “You, I guess, range of motion and rehab and things like that before she will have the surgery. Heck, I don’t know, that could be two, three, four weeks. Now, when she’s ready to be cleared to do surgery, good luck to that doctor and trainer that tries to cut on her.

“I know Kristy Wallace will be begging to put a brace on and just try to play. I just, that visual, keeps making me laugh. Obviously you’re going to have to have surgery at one point, but it won’t be immediately until they get all the preparation done.”

When asked if Wallace may return to the court to play with a brace on her knee, Mulkey said she coached a kid who played with a torn ACL who took her team to the Final Four. One of the coaches on Mulkey’s staff that played her senior year of high school with a torn ACL.

“Look, I don’t anticipate her playing, but I know that kid’s personality,” Mulkey said. “She, No. 1, is not going to do something that would damage her career, but she’s just one of those that, ‘Let me see if I can run with that brace on. Just let me see if I can cut with that brace on.’ That’s their job. I’m going to be over here coaching those that can go. We just have to prepare without her.”

Alexis Morris will take over point guard duties for the Lady Bears. The freshman is averaging 8.3 points, 2.6 rebounds. Morris has 87 assists, a total that is second only to Wallace’s 155.

Behind Morris on the depth chart at point guard is Juicy Landrum. With Morris out due to disciplinary reasons on Monday, Landrum handled the point guard duties in the win over West Virginia. On the season, the sophomore is averaging 6.7 points and 3.4 rebounds. She has 54 assists.

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