Baylor sophomore receiver Ish Zamora will be disciplined by the university and the athletic department for an incident where he beat his dog this summer, according to coach Jim Grobe.

Zamora was charged with a Class C misdemeanor for molesting an animal and given a citation that could cost up to $500, according to Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton.

The police received the report for possible animal abuse on July 5, and obtained a video of Zamora hitting the dog with a belt multiple times and then pushing it down with his foot.

Zamora is expected to be one of Baylor’s top receivers this season.

“We’re not going to tolerate it,” Grobe said. “He’s going to be disciplined by a bunch of people. The city is going to get a piece of him, and the university doesn’t take it lightly. There will be some sanctions from the university. From an athletic department standpoint we’ll do some things. Hopefully, it’s a teaching moment and a learning experience for him.”

Grobe said Zamora is still practicing with the team, but said his playing status will probably be affected.

“We haven’t decided exactly what we’re going to do,” Grobe said. “The thing all of our players understand there’s no guarantee you’re going to get on the field just because you’re a good player. Just because you’re a good player doesn’t mean we’re going to overlook bad behavior.”

Grobe said Zamora got frustrated when he was trying to house train his dog. Zamora issued a statement Friday apologizing for his actions.

“I’m sorry for my actions,” Zamora said. “I’ve owned the dog for 20 months, he’s perfectly healthy and I love him very much. In the moment, I lost my temper trying to discipline him. I’ve been through training with a dog trainer to help me learn new potty training tips.”

Added Grobe: “He was just frustrated and spanked his dog for not being house trained. You just can’t do that. He knows that. He loves the dog and takes great care of the dog. Other than losing his temper with the dog, I think he’s taking pretty good care of it.”

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