• So, Baylor wasn’t able to make it two in a row. After beating Kansas a couple of weekends ago, the Bears couldn’t do the same against Texas Tech, allowing a kickoff return for a TD and a fumble return for a score in a 38-24 loss to the Red Raiders. One observer said he felt like it was one of the few games this year where Baylor had a legitimate chance to win but really beat itself. Is that concerning for Matt Rhule’s Bears going forward?

• When you talk about not beating yourself, let me introduce you to the Iowa State Cyclones. The craziest stat of the season may be Iowa State’s lack of a single lost fumble all year. That seems like a recipe for disaster for these young Bears, doesn’t it?

• One impressive thing is the fact that the Bears continue to work hard, they continue to have fun. In that vein, we had fun talking to Ish Wainright this week.

• Speaking of Ish and that experiment, is it possible that he may have the best NFL shot of any of Baylor’s seniors?

• A few weeks ago, we played a little game where we described each Big 12 team in a Tom Petty song. Knowing John's a big music guy, and a big fan of the Beatles, he's going to come up with a team, player or coach who fits each of the four Beatles. For instance, who’s the Paul, who’s the John, and so forth?

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