• Baylor Coach Matt Rhule called the first two games of the season "a dark time." Rhule continues to preach positivity, and he won't stop working to push the team for improvement, but what will that look like in terms of the record? Two-win season, or worse?

• Next up is Duke, which seemed like a winnable game but now less so. The Blue Devils are 2-0 with a pair of lopsided wins. The only good news is Duke fans only care about basketball. Can QB Zach Smith lead the Bears to an upset?

• Oklahoma boosted the Big 12's rep with a huge, flag-planting 31-16 win at Ohio State. Does this all but guarantee a spot in the playoffs?

• Texas looked better, but beating San Jose State is one thing, beating USC is something else.

• Baylor fans can't give up on this team. They need to get loud or risk turning McLane Stadium into Floyd Casey, where the opponent's fans outnumbered the Bears.

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