Central Texas’ top college prospects and where they’re headed

 SchoolHt/WtCommitted to
1. Parrish Cobb, DBLa Vega5-11/178Oklahoma
2. Eric Cuffee, DBWaco High5-11/188Texas
3. Zach Shackelford, OLBelton6-4/295Texas (signed)
4. Charles Oliver, DBFairfield6-2/185Texas A&M
5. Davion Curtis, WRTemple5-11/180Texas
6. Brandon Benson, WRLa Vega6-0/186SMU
7. Waahid Muhammad, OLLa Vega6-6/285Tulsa
8. Sam Glaesmann, QBMidway6-3/194Rice
9. Cooper Edmiston, LBGatesville6-3/225Tulsa
10. Christian Davis, DBMidway5-10/175SMU
11. Eric Clayburn, RBMidway5-11/189Abilene Christian
12. Aaron Freeman, WRTemple5-11/180Incarnate Word
13. Jarett Carpenter, LBFairfield6-5/200Lamar
14. Joseph Ward, WRMidway5-10/160Tyler
15. Darren Harris, OLTemple6-6/275Trinity Valley
16. Traion Smith, RBCameron Yoe5-9/195Uncommitted
17. Corey Mann, LBTemple6-0/195Uncommitted
18. Quintin Smith, LBTemple5-11/198Uncommitted
19. Jermaine Townsend, OLTemple6-3/290Uncommitted
20. D’Andre Adams, DTCameron Yoe5-11/240Uncommitted
21. Mason Tobola, QBWest6-2/195Uncommitted
22. RayAndre Browning, WRBremond6-1/175Uncommitted
23. Olajuwon Taylor, WRBelton6-1/182Uncommitted
24. Wendell Scott, OLWaco High6-4/300Uncommitted
25. Anthony Flowers, DLMidway6-2/228Uncommitted

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