If you care about your wardrobe but are too busy to go to the cleaners, Raymond Farrell has good news for you. Farrell is the owner of NuTone Cleaners, a full-service dry cleaner with five locations in and around Waco. He says there is a simple way to avoid the hassle.

NuTone valet offers free pick-up and delivery service.

With a phone or computer, anyone can arrange to have their garments picked up, cleaned and delivered without ever trekking to the dry cleaner.

Consider the eight ways valet cleaning can benefit you.

1. One Less Chore — Waco’s Finest Cleaners At Your Door

Scheduling pickup and delivery saves you having to spend money on gas and wear-and-tear on your car with multiple trips to the dry cleaner. That’s a direct monetary savings to you. Your time is valuable, too. Valet dry cleaning saves you time twice a week.

2. Why Go To The Cleaners When They Can Come To You

How much would you pay for the convenience of valet service? The good news is, pickup and delivery are absolutely free.

3. Special Orders Are No Problem

When you arrange valet cleaning with NuTone, you can include special instructions Want extra starch in the shirt, no crease in the pants, or a special stain removal? That’s what you get. Prefer pickup from your back door? No problem. It’s easy to arrange, by phone or online.

4. Keep Track of Your Clothes

NuTone provides you with the garment bag and then alerts you when your dry cleaning is done. When you get home, there is that garment bag, announcing that your dry cleaner took that one chore off your list.

“Nobody enjoys the chore of going to the cleaners to drop off clothes and then return to pick them up,” says Farrell. “So we take care of that for you.”

5. NuTone Has An App for That!

As if it could get any easier, NuTone is developing an app that will allow you to arrange for pickup, delivery and track your clothing through the entire process.

6. Expert Full-Service Dry Cleaning

Do you need leather or suede cleaned? A wedding dress? Linens and draperies alterations? Not every cleaner can handle those items, or they send them out to a second party outfit. NuTone has the expertise to handle all your cleaning needs. That’s because the company has been in business for more than 50 years and has more than 500 years of combined staff experience, according to Farrell.

7. Great Customer Service Every Time

NuTone has a 4.9 out of 5.0 rating at That’s with more than 400 reviews.

“I love the friendly yet professional staff at NuTone in addition to my clothes always looking great!” says one recent review. “I have been a customer since the 1980’s and have never been disappointed in their service or quality.”

8. Save Your Marriage!

“A customer once told me, ‘You saved my marriage. My husband and I no longer argue about picking up the cleaning,’” Farrell laughs.