When you go to the doctor, do you pick a different one each time or work with the same person who knows you and your needs? Why wouldn’t it be the same with buying and repairing jewelry, which is often a significant investment?

Sissi Gholson of Gholson Originals Fine Jewelry in the Ridgewood Village Shopping Center, believes jewelry tells a story about us. That’s why it’s important for anyone who cares about their jewelry to establish a relationship with one person at one jewelry store to serve as their personal jeweler.

Why? Gholson offers these six advantages of having a personal jeweler.

1. Talk To Your Jeweler

When making a purchase as personal and important as jewelry, Gholson says you have to feel a sense of comfort and trust with the jeweler, and feel like they have your best interests in mind. She recommends talking to a jeweler and “going with your gut!” Gholson has served the Waco area since 1993, and the jewelers in her store take the time to know their customers and earn their trust.

2. You Have a Defined Style

“There are so many styles: classic, traditional, trendy, modern, vintage, hip, boho, western … fun or fine,” Sissi Gholson shares. It’s important for the jeweler to understand your personality and fit the perfect piece of jewelry for you, but that’s only possible if you have an enduring relationship like the kind you would have with a personal jeweler.

“We want them to love it!” she exclaims.

3. Friendship Over Business

When you step into the jewelry store you call home, you receive one-on-one guidance every step of the way from someone who knows you and recognizes your jewelry needs. Whether fitting you for a brand new piece or helping you find the perfect item for a family member, a good jeweler will know jewelry, but a great jeweler will know jewelry and you!

4. Consistently Superb Service

Once you choose your personal jeweler, someone whose expertise you respect and whose work you trust, you don’t have to worry about whether you will receive excellent service the next time you walk in the door. You know who will be taking care of you every time.

5. They Can Put a Face to a Gem

The luxury of having a personal jeweler is that you are able to establish a relationship with them and experience a friendship rather than just a sales pitch. Not only do they recognize you, but they recognize the jewelry you bring in - and maybe even the stories that go along with it! From the counter to the bench and right back into your own possession, your jewelry is treated with care.

“We go to great lengths to make certain you feel like your jewelry is in better hands with us than with you. We treat every piece that comes in like it is our very own precious heirloom,” explains Sissi Gholson, who has owned Gholson Originals with her husband, Bob, since 1993.

6. Looking Out for You When You’re Not There

A personal jeweler can spot jewelry they know you would love and alert you to it. Even jewelry stores with the best customer service can’t offer that if they don’t know the style and interests of individual customers.