There’s little doubt that machines can make almost any aspect of life easier. That can be especially true with outdoor work such as farming, lawn and garden care. The perfect tractor and other equipment can be a godsend whether it be for hobby farming, ranching or routine lawn care.

But the number of options can be intimidating.

Here are four Hammer tips on buying the best tractor or mower for your outdoor needs from Coy Hammer, manager at Pineco Tractor and Equipment of Kerens and Waco, Texas.

1. Consider Your Project and the Desired Outcome

Everyone will have a slightly different need. Whether you’re installing fish ponds, gardening, moving gravel or ranching, the activity will determine the type of tractor you need.

“One person may have just a few acres and just need to do some mowing or a little bit of gravel and rock work around their house and small projects,” says Hammer. “Then, you’ll have a guy with 40 or 50 acres who’s running cattle on his property, and he needs to lift a two-thousand-pound round bale so he can put out feed for his animals.”

A 20- to 30-horsepower tractor would probably be sufficient for a small garden area, whereas the larger job would call for anything upwards of a 40-horsepower piece of equipment, he says.

2. Determine a Size that is Comfortable for You

Keep in mind that no one complains when they buy a tractor that’s too big. You’ll do more with a tractor than what you planned to do.

Weight, Hammer says, should be a major consideration.

“If you have a 50-horsepower tractor that doesn’t weigh 2,000 pounds, you can’t do more than 2,000 pounds of work. But, on the flip side, if you have a tractor that weighs 6,000 pounds, you can do 6,000 pounds of work with the same horsepower,” he says, noting that the Mahindra tractors he sells typically have more operating weight than John Deere, and Kubuto products, and usually cost less.

3. Customer Service and Warranty

You’ll put a tractor through a variety of chores, some of which are highly demanding on the equipment. In order to keep your cost of repairs down, and have a sense of comfort, you want to purchase a tractor with a warranty.

Mahindra tractors come with a 7-year, 3,000-hour limited power train warranty and a 2-year, 3,000-hour Aggregate warranty, which is the best in the industry. This gives you the confidence to tackle even the most difficult tasks!

Pineco makes it a point to give you the information you may need. “I’ve gained customers simply by answering questions on different components when other companies wouldn’t even help them,” says Hammer. “Pineco has always operated under Biblical principles. It’s how we were raised and it’s how we want to do business.”

4. The Dealership Matters

You’re going to have this tractor for years, so find someone reputable who will help you for the next 15 to 20 years. Look for someone who knows what they’re doing and will treat you right.