A before & After shot of the Bellafill® treatment.

Are lines in your face putting a wrinkle in your social life? Is sagging skin causing your self-esteem to droop? Are you feeling sad about the creases around your eyes or mouth? Restoring your natural beauty is now safe and easy.

Bellafill® is an FDA-approved, collagen-based filler that has met with rave reviews as a remedy for the appearance of lines, wrinkles and scars in the face. Dr. Daniel Smith at The Skin and Body Refinery, the number one medical spa in the Waco area, says individuals seeking a refreshed and renewed version of themselves should consider Bellafill® injections.

Dr. Smith notes these 7 reasons to consider this revolutionary new treatment.

1. Bellafill® Injections Are Proven Safe

In extensive clinical trials, Bellafill® has been shown to be safe and effective, and has earned FDA approval. Anyone 21 or older and who has the desire to look rejuvenated is a good candidate for Bellafill® injections, regardless of sex or skin type. A skin test is required to rule out allergies.

2. Bellafill® Injections Are Proven to Last.

Clinical trials have shown that Bellafill® injections are the longest-lasting FDA-approved filler on the market. Microspheres of a bio-compatible substance long used for implants stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen and provide enduring results. Ninety-three percent of reviews on reported they were delighted with the procedure.

3. The Results Are Immediate.

Patients walk out the door with their wrinkles and folds smoothed away. “We practically had to pry the mirror out of the hands of two patients we had today,” Dr. Smith says. “They couldn’t believe what we had achieved with one injection session.”

4. Bellafill® Injections Are So Easy!

All you need is one procedure and then you can get on with your day. Dr. Smith recommends that patients shouldn’t exercise vigorously the day of their procedure, to minimize the risk of bruising, but otherwise can carry on with their daily activities. Depending on the procedure, some patients experience temporary bruising and swelling, but that usually goes away in a few days.

5. Bellafill® Restores – It Doesn’t Augment

Bellafill® is not Botox or a facelift that can make you look different. It refreshes your natural look filling in where collagen has been lost beneath the skin due to aging or scarring. “Patients have told us that their friends say they look younger but can’t identify why,” Dr. Smith says.

6. Bellafill® Works on Acne Scarring

Unlike other fillers, Bellafill® offers relief for individuals suffering from acne scarring. Many of the patients at The Skin and Body Refinery seeking to smooth the skin damaged by acne have tried laser treatments, only to find they aggravated the problem. Bellafill® is FDA-approved to correct acne scars.

7. Bellafill® Injections Work Best When Administered by an Expert

Injecting Bellafill® is part science and part art. You want the doctor who performs your procedure to have mastered the techniques. Dr. Smith is one of the nation’s five most experienced doctors in its use, according to Suneva Medical, the developer of Bellafill®. Dr. Smith has administered nearly 600 injections already this year.