Gift Horse

It is sometimes a daunting task to purchase unique gifts that mean something special to the people you love. Going on the internet isn’t always an option when you prefer to see the item in person, hold it in your hands or perhaps you are simply in need of a last minute gift “on your way to the party”.

Take pleasure in the experience that can only be found by shopping locally, says Saundra Rowntree, current owner of The Gift Horse, an independent boutique in Waco for the past 35 years. Rowntree offers these advantages to shopping locally for your one-of-a-kind, perfectly packaged treasures.

1. Independent Businesses Can Carry the Eclectic Assortment You Need

An independent neighborhood boutique can carry a diverse range of products, from designer apparel to stylish and trendy handbags to locally sourced products. Franchises under pressure from distant corporate headquarters must typically reserve their best floor space for specific items. The Gift Horse carries something for everyone including health and beauty supplies, collectables year round, such as Christopher Radko ornaments, Kitras Art handblown glass, the original Pomme-Pidou whimsical colorful Belgium inspired money boxes and a local retailor for Brighton jewelry, handbags and collectibles.

2. Small, Family-Owned Businesses Thrive on Great Customer Service

When you shop locally, you are served by helpful and friendly staff who know you and want to take the time to cater to your needs. With family-owned businesses, you’re being served by the owner. No one is going to work harder to keep your business than them.

3. Small Businesses Are the Cornerstone of Their Communities

Small businesses – particularly those run by generations of family members and close friends – are not going anywhere any time soon despite the onslaught of internet shopping. On the contrary, they are the ideal place to get the personalized service you deserve – they know their customers and make your personalized shopping experience easy and fun!

4. Local Boutiques Can Reflect the Flavor of Their Communities

If you want something distinctively Texas, you can’t always get it by placing an order with a company based in California. You have to visit a local store. For example, if you’re looking for an aromatic, fine washing detergent, locals love Glamorous Wash, a product made in Texas by the Tyler Candle Company. Are you seeking simple, modest, but stylish clothing? Try Finley Shirts, a woman-owned, Texas-based designer, all available at The Gift Horse, where gift wrapping is always free!

5. Locally-Owned Boutiques are Great Places for Seasonal Items

Whether it’s for holiday celebrations, baby showers, graduations, weddings or even everyday items, local neighborhood boutiques are convenient places to look around and find that special something that touches your heart.