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Elegant Gardens Made Easy — Greenlife Helps Waco’s Green Thumb Blossom

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Greenlife Garden

Your home is a peaceful, stylish sanctuary for you and your family, but why keep all of that style and comfort indoors? Cultivating a colorful and beautiful outdoor living space is one of the key ways to make a house a home and create happiness for your family.

According to Greenlife Nursery and Landscaping owner Brett Boyd, “Our customers are very happy people who enjoy getting out and spending time at our nursery. It’s not a chore, like going to the grocery store!”

Here are 5 reasons why reinvigorating your landscaping is a great investment:

1. It creates more living space.

Your house is larger than you think, especially if you consider the outdoor area as part of your living space. Enhancing the outdoors is a wonderful way to create new spaces for entertaining and relaxing. In other words, instead of fretting over how your dinner party guests will fit inside your modest living room without bumping into each other, you’ll be able to escort everyone outdoors for a warm night under the stars.

“Most of our clients invest more dollars in their backyard landscapes than their front yard,” says Todd Chiles, Greenlife’s landscape designer.

2. It’s great for the environment.

Perhaps you’ve heard the disheartening news about endangered honey bees. Having a floral garden is one way to help save the bees and the environment, too. Flowers and vegetation naturally reduce air pollution and help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, as well as provide a habitat for birds, insects and other important members of the ecosystem.

3. Keeping up a yard is wonderful therapy.

Being a couch potato is bad for your mind and body. If you aren’t into intramural sports or running, working in the yard is great way to get the exercise your body desperately needs. And not only are gardening and working in the yard good ways to exercise, they’re also good for your mental health, too. Interacting with nature helps reduce stress and allows you to unplug from today’s screen-driven, multitasking world. Get gardening and start relaxing!

"Giving your husband a few simple tasks will keep him out of your doghouse,” says Debby Boyd, co-owner of Greenlife.

4. You’ll be inclined to save money at home.

Are you on a tight budget or simply trying to cut back on the cost of dinners and drinks out on the town? Enhancing your outdoor living space is a wonderful way to spend less at expensive restaurants and pubs. Instead, you’ll want to invite friends and family over to your home to enjoy the gardens, landscaping and outdoor lifestyle with fresh lemonade or a bottle of wine.

5. Your home value is enhanced.

Perhaps the most obvious reason to invest in your outdoor property is to enhance your home’s overall value. Whether you are looking to build equity or sell in the near future, curb appeal will make the whole of your property worth more than a house with a neglected landscape.