Several of our readers hailed Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Friday decision to decline resettlement of more refugees in the state under new allowances provided by a recent Trump administration executive order. Blaming Congress for its failure to fix a broken immigration system, the governor argues the state and its non-profit organizations should instead focus on “those who are already here, including refugees, migrants and the homeless — indeed, all Texans.” Texas has large refugee populations in several of its cities and has long been a leader in settling refugees, taking in more than any other state during the 2018 governmental fiscal year, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. A sampling of our readers’ thoughts, including those who noted hypocrisy in the governor’s decision:

Cathy Jo Sawyer Almanza: Yay for more backbone and less bleeding heart! Take care of the ones who are HERE, especially our young, our elderly and our VETERANS!

Gary Cunha: Texas and America are both full. The truly humanitarian thing is to help the other countries clean up their violence and corruption so that they can also be good places to live.

Susan Aschim Crawford: Abbott is such a hypocrite. He refused to accept billions of dollars to expand Medicaid because “Obama.” Now we have the most uninsured people of any state. Abbott is a lousy human.

M Teresa Mansolo: Thank you, Governor Abbott, because it IS TAXPAYERS’ money that is given to these people, NOT GOVERNMENT’S money. So thank you. We have homeless in Texas that CURRENTLY need help.

Faye Craven Azbell: You are right. We do have a large population of homeless and disabled. Thank you for putting Texas first.

Trey Miller: Take care of our own.

Evelyn Lentz Cowart: But what has he done for our homeless?

Elli Mae: What a good Christian.

Carlene Prevatt Blanchard: Awesome.

Lisa Beth Shifrin Bridges: Ummmm. Who is getting this help? You have to make less than $200/month to qualify for Medicaid. Most seniors get $16 in food stamps if they are lucky. We are ranked pretty far down for education, crime, infrastructure, opportunity.

Lark Jarvis Yep: Vile. What a guy who got millions in a settlement for being disabled does to ordinary disabled Texans.

Derrick Russian: The truth is simple. Abbott is only doing it to kiss up to Trump and his base to further his political career here in Texas and beyond.

Allen Arrington: Just like Rick Perry turning down the Obamacare Medicaid expansion left Texas with the highest number of uninsured in the nation, but at least he was able to use that to lead off a great presidential campaign! Oh... wait... that didn’t go so well. I forgot!

Adam Vanek: Send the Californians [in Texas] back too.

Darren Turner: Love it. Americans first.

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