Reader sentiment was strong regarding the naming of former NFL quarterback Michael Vick as honorary captain of next month’s Pro Bowl and more than 400,000 outraged people who have signed a petition demanding Vick be removed because of his 2007 conviction involving illegal dog-fighting. A sampling of Trib Facebook page thoughts and opinions:

Gloria K. Dorsey: Congratulations, Mr. Vick! I’m so happy for you.

Nick Parham Jr.: Proud of your NFL accomplishments, Michael Vick! Happy to see you honored.

Don Grasso: And his dog-fighting days? Have any idea how many dogs he lost in those fights to the death?

Nick Parham Jr.: Probably nowhere as much that are killed by McDonald’s and Chik-fil-A. If we’re hanging things over people’s heads, then [how] about all the atrocities caused by Europeans? Shouldn’t they pay for their crimes too? You have any idea how many people lost their lives and how many Native Americans were raped and pillaged and how many families still benefit from that?

Don Grasso: Dude, the American Indians were not angels. They were as nasty as everybody else. You don’t think that they had territorial wars? Please try judging apples and apples. Chick-fil-A has zero to do with this. Pete Rose gambled on sports and can never get into the Hall of Fame, but Vick kills dogs for fun and he is a king. Go figure.

Alisa Brown: I am glad he is trying to make amends but I just can’t understand how a person participating in that level of cruelty can ever really change. He listened to dogs screaming in pain and fear that he was inflicting. He had no innate sense of human decency and I do not believe he deserves any honors.

Hal D Childs: Caucasians treat blacks worse than animals, always have and always will.

Mixed-up priorities and more love for animals than humans.

Judy Lenhart: No way on earth should this happen. Why would anyone honor someone who has done what he did? Find some of the photos of the dogs he abused. That will tell you what kind of individual he is. A leopard does not change his spots.

Jennifer Anderson: When he faces Judgement Day his dues will be paid then. Unfortunately we do not have the ultimate power to make him pay for the cruelty he put those dogs through. Not one of you wanting him to receive this award were speaking for those dogs who were abused and tortured.

Lori Cox: If you read of what he did to these animals — the torture these defenseless animals endured all because they did not perform to his standards — maybe your stance would be different. They were beaten, kicked repeatedly, burned and beheaded because their performance in his dog-fighting business didn’t meet his expectations. That is cruelty. People who lack compassion and decency should not be revered and celebrated. He served his time but that doesn’t mean we should celebrate him.

Brent Bahner: Who cares about the NFL? Who cares about the Pro Bowl? Let him go hang out with [Colin] Kaepernick.

Ashley Royal Stone: Way to go, Vick! I’ll be rocking my Falcons jersey during the Pro Bowl.

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