In an editorial last week, the Trib editorial board argued against the Republican tax bill on the grounds it amounted to increased deficit-spending, contrary to long-established conservative principles, and was passed in haste, confusion and secrecy by lawmakers, some of whom obviously had not read the bill. Result: a groundswell of pushback, including from those unacquainted with the concept of newspaper editorials:

Moses Moldovan: Funny way to twist things. Democrats love entitlements. Now they’re entitled to 3 percent more of their checks. You’re welcome. The last eight years proved that Democrats don’t care about the deficit and they’re hypocrites for acting like they care now.

Alex Gustavo Melendez: Republicans suddenly don’t care about deficits! If Obama wanted to spend a penny, Republicans cried and cried about deficits. The funny thing is that the Republican [voters] who are defending it now are the ones who will least benefit and get harmed the most.

Patricia L. Cloud: Democrats only love entitlements when they can get the recipients’ votes. Chances of them getting future middle-class votes are none and none.

Daniel Owen: The idiocy of liberalism is mind-numbing. These so-called educated fools are so sold out on fascism and socialism that they can’t tell darkness from light. Audios, Trib!

Travis Hipp: This adds to the deficit and the debt. Are massive tax expenditures [for] the rich worth it?

Cary McManus: Travis Hipp, “tax expenditures”? It’s not the government’s money. You libs are so mentally conditioned to believe the government is the be all, end all. Give it all your money and let them take care of your “needs.”

Sherri Bowlin Phillips: The only thing we need to remember about Obamacare and Democrats and the way they do business is exactly what Nancy Pelosi said: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” Before anyone says anything about the new tax bill, let the outlaw Democratic Party’s words sink in. Democrats should never be allowed near a budget or anything money-related after the last eight years of hell and stagnation they gave us.

Mary Duty: My stock portfolio did quite well during those eight years.

Susie Ochoa: Let’s not leave out how the Bush administration tanked the economy and Obama worked to get it to full employment today. Trump can’t take credit for this good economy, but he will. Obama endured eight years of obstruction and we still recovered. Democrats fix the economy, Republicans scavenge it.

Clayton Brown: And just like that, the Trib begins its demise. Report facts and back them up with evidence, not opinion. Goodbye, Trib.

Lincoln Crowder: It’s an editorial. It is, by definition, opinion.

Clayton Brown: One’s opinion is one thing but this is representing it as the opinion of the Tribune as a whole.

Lincoln Crowder: Editorials are written by the board of editors. Their job is to determine the voice of the paper. If you don’t like the opinions of professional journalists, stop reading them.