Trib readers rejoiced that Wacoans Chip and Joanna Gaines of Magnolia Homes, stars of HGTV’s highly rated “Fixer Upper,” will star in a 13-home second season early next year. Some comments via on Facebook:

Justin Dean: That is great news for them and the whole Waco area.

Marlena Kohler Baker: Yay! I love this show!

Kelly Jones: Congratulations, you have a great show. Looking forward to Season 2.

Sandra Janics: Absolutely love this show! They should do a fixer upper on homes for homeowners who are stuck with what to do to their homes and are not wanting to move. I volunteer mine!

Marsha Fetters Winzeler: Love their show. It’s nice having folks from Texas.

Deana Sorenson Kayworth: Just returned from Europe and had to chuckle at Chip and Jo speaking in Italian! So fun to see them!

Linda Yglecias: This show (is) my absolute (favorite) on HGTV and not because it’s Waco . . . well, OK, a lil . . . but I love this couple. Joanna’s designs (are) awesome and lol Chip is so funny . . . . Keep this show going.

Sandy Fraire: They should come to 1084 Panther Way. A single dad with two boys who really needs his house remodeled but can’t afford it.

Mary Liz Westbrook Benton: I am so glad they will be on next season! I love the show and all they do. I also love to see if I can figure out where the houses are.

Huntington Henry: All they do is cosmetic stuff to fool the buyer.

Crystal Cook Montey: Agree with Mr. Henry — make a door bigger or put up crown molding. But I do like her staging/decorating.

Melissa Waden Wray: Have you actually watched the show? They make lots of structural changes, replace rotting wood, etc. This is not “Trading Spaces.”

Huntington Henry: I’m not sure if I watched it or not. (This) may be a knee-jerk comment. After seeing many houses being “fixed up” in real life and on TV, most of it is “cover up what you can” so it looks good and functions.

Kendal Brittany Powell: Love this show.

Paul Watson: You finally got me to watch your show just to reminisce about Waco. My wife is so pleased that we watch it together. I don’t watch anything else on HGTV.

Shanna Krempin Cummings: Love, love, love this show. They are my idols. Would love for her to do training classes.

Beth Eaton Ramsey: I’m from Waco and love this program. It’s great to see them taking sad houses and making them beautiful homes again. Thanks for making my hometown better.

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