As usual, the Super Bowl halftime show eclipsed the teams on the field in attention Sunday evening. Here are the assessments of some Trib Facebook readers on controversial Latina divas Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Shakira belly-danced while J.Lo writhed her way around a pole, just hours before Kansas City Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt thanked God for blessing the team with talent in its victory.

Deana Sorenson Kayworth: Took women back decades! Love Latin dance, it’s fun, it’s energy, and I love their songs, but hated the crotch display and how it degraded us all as women! The raunchiness outweighed the talent! Thumbs down from me!

Sal Velasco: You clearly have never seen Latin dancing.

Maximus Sixx: Maybe you are jealous that you don’t dance like that!

Deana Sorenson Kayworth: I’m just not as smart as you people are, I guess. I can’t tell who you voted for by your remarks or if you voted at all. I can’t tell if you are racist, hate women or men, go to church meh or if or how you exercise... what crystal ball do I need? My opinion remains the same: This program was not fit for prime-time television, period. If you want to see this, go to their concerts, then it’s your choice.

Roland Wake: Shakira was great, I thought. JLo? Well, she was touted as the headliner. She was an afterthought. The energy was fantastic.

Gina Renee Gamble: It’s no different than any other show or concert! Two very strong sexy women performing. I mean, what do you expect with both ladies famous for their assets.

Rita De Leon: It’s not any other show or concert. It’s the Super Bowl on network television. She could have worn something that covered up more — and left the stripper pole at home.

Teresa Kilpatrick: Let’s not forget the age of these two. And they were representing Miami culture. The camera angle wasn’t the best. That being said, I really think they tried to keep it clean. I’ve seen them do way worse, which I do not like either.

Gail McClain Souders: If you call pole dancing and crotch grabbing “clean,” then I guess so.

Craig Nash: All that grabbing of female crotches might get them elected president some day.

Teresa Kilpatrick: I didn’t like it. But if you watch some of their videos and other performances, they do way worse. That’s all I was saying. Geez.

Sharon Gail Ashley: I liked it! I would kill to be able to move like that at 43 and 50! People who didn’t like it are fuddy duddys!

Jolene Vaughn Nash: They put on a show like they would at their concerts or in a music video. They did their thing.

Denny Russell: It was horrible and not something for families to watch.

Burt Graham: This was nothing but a sleazy nightclub act that exploited women. Why are all the Epstein and Weinstein Dumbocrats not crying foul?

Cathy Jo Sawyer Almanza: Tired of celebrities mixing their politics with our sports and entertainment.

Misty Anderson: Amazing show by amazing women!

Marlena Baker: I think it was a big hit with the teenage boys.

Josiah Conrad: All I’ve heard about is parents having to change the channel.

Sue Miller: Stripper material belongs in the club. Joyful for horny a-- men!

Yesenia Tineo Santiago: JLo and Shakira reminding everyone that the United States isn’t a monoculture — Bravo!

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