Guilty as charged

Earlier this year Paul Manafort was convicted on five counts of tax fraud, one count of failing to file and two counts of bank fraud. The jury found Manafort hid millions in offshore accounts from tax authorities derived from aiding foreign powers, spending the money to support an extravagant lifestyle and then defrauding banks out of millions more when his funds ran low. Now Special Counsel Robert Mueller is accusing him of violating his plea agreement to avoid a trial on additional charges by lying to the FBI.

A new poll from Law Works found 62 percent of Republicans believe indictments against Trump associates generated by the Mueller probe should not be dropped or dismissed. Yet it’s possible President Trump will issue a pardon to this morally bankrupt man for one reason and one reason alone: He is willing to lie to protect the president or those around him from accountability. No American, and certainly not a president charged with duly administering the laws, should countenance allowing a man who cheated the United States and its citizens for such nefarious purposes to avoid the consequences of his crimes.

Pardons are meant to rectify injustice, not create it. Under no circumstances should President Trump pardon Paul Manafort.

Rick Hall, legal adviser, Republicans for the Rule

Who we are

As exhibited in the midterms, the election of women, minorities and LGBTQ persons indicates the Democratic Party stands for equality. Women and young people are showing up at the polls rather than leaving the party.

The Democratic Party stands for civility in politics and denouncement of violent and vulgar physical confrontation. This demands that one does not bully by words or body-slamming.

Public education is a foundation of democracy. The Democratic Party stands for fully funded public education and believes this should not be derailed by vouchers for public schools.

The Democratic Party stands for relating facts, not lies and innuendo. For example, 20 million Americans who did not have insurance received it under the Affordable Care Act. Those with pre-existing conditions received coverage previously denied. Polls show more than 50 percent of Americans now approve of the Affordable Care Act. The Democratic Party stands for affordable health care for all Americans.

The Democratic Party stands for decency. Democrats do not believe in open borders and realize fair immigration legislation is a difficult but important issue that needs bipartisan support. Undocumented migrants are people with hopes and dreams trying desperately to escape tyranny just as many of our ancestors did. Why wouldn’t they bring their cultures with them?

Diversity among cultures defines us as a nation. Empathy for the less fortunate is a true example of decency.

Joanne Hueske, Moody