Let ’em freeze

I say along with humorist and columnist Garrison Keillor, sure, let’s indeed pour money into Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. That’s one of the big things the federal government exists for, the first of which is defense. What the federal government doesn’t need to do is insert itself into every molecule of human existence and micromanage life.

Godly Republicans believe that marriage between a man and a woman was just fine as it had existed for 2,000 years as the bedrock of Western civilization and that the federal government or the U.S. Supreme Court didn’t have any business changing it on a whim. Populations have settled on coastal waterways as long as civilizations have existed because they are avenues of commerce, dangerous or not. A hurricane like Harvey is the exception, not the rule.

On the other hand, people don’t settle in areas where it’s bitterly cold for six months of the year unless they want to and are willing to build in expectation of that fact as those conditions are the rule, not the exception. So, no, government doesn’t owe them a thing. Incapacitating blizzards are another matter, equivalent to a hurricane in causing needs for federal government help on occasion, but again these are the exception.

Eddie Mitchell, Waco

Wishing & hoping

I want Hillary Clinton to know that I wish with fervency she was now our president. Donald Trump should have been called out when he walked about during a debate and stood behind her. She held her cool, but the moderator should have called out Trump for his inappropriate and underhanded tactics.

More and more each day, as I watch the liar-in-chief, I know we would feel more secure with her as our president. Not only are many of us disgusted with Trump’s ineffectual leadership, other nations are watching in disbelief. Many of us admire Hillary Clinton and we hope she won’t abandon her desire to work again on the public’s behalf.

Barbara Collier, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ms. Collier included in the envelope with her letter a clipping of a Trib opinion page cartoon about Hillary Clinton with which she disagreed.



or Patton!

As a senior citizen, I rely on TV captions. My problem is they are turning up in Spanish. I do not read or speak Spanish.

I have informed my cable provider of this several times. They insist the problem is my TV, not the cable company. Well, the captions used to be all English all the time. What happened? What can I do? No one has worked on or touched the TV or my remote.

Get this: I settled down to watch the movie “Patton.” You know, the one with George C. Scott. And the captions were in Spanish except when the German officers in the movie spoke, in which case the captions were in English. Help!

Beth Branch, Waco