Abortion debate

I understand some want to see a law enacted making abortion illegal. No law will end abortion. Abortion predates the Bible. We must never allow the government to control a normal healthy citizen’s body. Some may want to see deadbeat dads neutered, but that too would be immoral, just as a law against abortion would be immoral.

An abortion law would create more problems than it would solve.

Allie Shaw, McGregor

* * *

God gives a woman the most important job she will ever have. He says: “I am entrusting you with the responsibility of sustaining life for the baby you have growing inside you. That baby will use your body for nine months or whenever it is ready to live on its own. Yes, before you became pregnant, you had the right to say what you could do with your body. Now the situation has changed. There is another body in your body.”

God says a pregnant woman’s assignment is to do everything she can to make sure she tends to the important life divinely entrusted to her: “Do not let any harm come to that other body. Any purposeful injury or death to that baby is on you or anyone who helps you do harm to that baby.

“When you were in your mom, you expected the same thing — and aren’t you glad she delivered. You know how important your own life is to you. Why would you think your baby should get any less consideration than you got? Your mom loved you enough to let you live.”

All of us must demonstrate consistency and show the unborn the same treatment and rights granted each of us when we were similarly vulnerable. Don’t give the unborn death sentences.

Jerry Willett, Lorena

* * *

I was raised a good, old-fashioned Missionary Baptist. Now, many decades along in my life, I consider myself more of a moderate Christian if you can accept that (and many Christians won’t). The only reason I am not a regular practitioner is because I sometimes feel hypocritical about my own personal beliefs and what I’ve been told in church over the decades.

I do, however, read the Waco Tribune-Herald opinion page daily and reflect on the people who contribute opinions. Here lately I’ve read many opinions about abortion and Roe v. Wade. From what I see and hear, a great many Wacoans are understandably against abortion. I notice in many letters to the opinion page that an abundance of Bible references are cited. Some on the page offer as many as five or six biblical verses to affirm what they believe. Some of the verses I’ve read so far seem pretty vague and can be used to reference many things.

In short, there isn’t a single direct reference to abortion or removal of a fetus from the mother’s womb anywhere in the Bible — not a single word that I know of. There are many references to the killing of children in the Bible. Examples include Exodus 11:5, which talks of killing all firstborn males, from children to cattle. The one I remember most is when Herod ordered all children age 2 or younger killed in search of Jesus, Matthew 2:16-18. Deuteronomy 21:19-21 refers to the right to have children stoned for disobedience. This is just to mention a few.

On the other hand, in the Beatitudes, Jesus of Nazareth spoke of being patient and taking care of our children because they will still be here after we have passed on.

When it comes to debates on politics, law and morals such as those regarding Roe v. Wade, the Bible, for all the wonderful lessons in it, shouldn’t be the only reference cited. Too many passages within can be quoted way too broadly or liberally to argue one way or the other — and in the end they resolve very little.

Steve Davies, Waco

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