In defense of Baylor

I don’t know Glynn Beaty but I know he is no fan of Baylor University sports. If he were, he would not be concerned about realignment, which is five years away. Many things can change in five years.

If he were a fan, he would have done some research before making the argument for Baylor being left out of the realignment. For example, he claims that Baylor will likely be left out of a Power Five realignment because:

Baylor has a small enrollment: Baylor has 14,000 undergraduates, 5,000 more than TCU, which Mr. Beaty recommends would be a better choice for a Power 4 conference than Baylor.

Baylor’s alumni base is small: Baylor has a larger alumni base than TCU as we’ve been a university since 1845 and we have had a considerably larger enrollment.

Baylor’s hometown of Waco is a big disadvantage: Perhaps Mr. Beaty isn’t aware of Ames, Iowa; Stillwater, Oklahoma; Norman, Oklahoma; Fayetteville, Arkansas; Morgantown, West Virginia; College Station, etc. His reasoning that Fort Worth has a bigger TV market is lame. With a remote in hand, anyone can watch any station he wants to, no matter if he lives in Waco or Fort Worth. I doubt everyone in the Metroplex is watching TCU. Does Mr. Beaty realize there are no Power 5 teams in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, New York, Chicago and Detroit to name a few? It seems most college towns are pretty small.

If Mr. Beaty were a fan of Baylor, he would have pointed out that:

1. Baylor has excellent athletic facilities, some of the best in the United States. And they continue to improve.

2. Baylor is very competitive in the Big 12. Let’s compare the number of conference championships won by universities in the Big 12 during its 24 years. (TCU and WVU have been members only nine years.)

UT: 180 (7.5 per year)

OU: 83 (3.46 per year)

BU: 80 (3.33 per year)

OSU: 75 (3.125 per year)

KU: 38 (1.58 per year)

ISU: 25 (1.04 per year)

TTU: 24 (1 per year)

WVU: 11 (1.22 per year)

TCU: 10 (1.11 per year)

It would seem to me that Mr. Beaty would be pushing for Baylor to be successful instead of implying that Baylor has to prove itself over and over. If Baylor is successful, it helps Waco. However, I read recently that Waco is the No. 1 tourist attraction in Texas, thanks to Baylor graduates Chip and Joanna Gaines. Is Fort Worth benefiting that much by having TCU located there?

But no, he has to be negative about Baylor. I am wondering, though, if Mr. Beaty has a contingency plan in his files. Fort Worth Star-Telegram, maybe?

Clyde Hart, Baylor Class of 1956, Waco

But ask them nicely

Thanks to President Trump for dealing with our annoying neighbors, Mexico. Could you please mention to them next time to stop parking in the front yard, quit playing their music loud on Sundays and keep their dogs off my lawn?

When you said all we had was tariffs to make them behave, you forgot about all those dusty unused nukes we have. That worked well with North Korea.

But ask them nicely. No one likes a bully.

John Kamenec, Waco