Vote Hensley

When Republican Dianne Hensley took office as Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Place 1, in January 2015, there was a backlog of more than 190 cases left on the desk by the previous office-holder. All those plaintiffs awaiting adjudication were scheduled and heard within two months of Judge Hensley taking office. In the past three years, Judge Hensley has presided over more than 1,500 civil cases and has never been reversed. That is an impressive record and difficult to top!

One of the promises Judge Hensley made if elected was to tackle the issue of truancy in McLennan County. She did just that and truancy recidivism is down 80 percent for families that have appeared in her court. Judge Hensley is not just putting children back in the classroom, her approach has insured that they continue attending class. Who can argue with a lower dropout rate?

Judge Hensley is a strong advocate for Christian, conservative family values and stands her ground even in the face of liberal opposition. She has done an outstanding job and there is absolutely no reason for her to have an opponent in this primary election. Judge Hensley has done nothing during her first term to make you regret that she was elected. That stellar performance will continue in her second term.

Tuesday is Election Day. Please cast your vote for Judge Dianne Hensley.

Kathy Endres, Woodway


When we elect government officials, we are often disappointed because they fail to keep the promises that they made as candidates. Dianne Hensley is an exception: She promised to work with law enforcement and she did, responding day or night to requests. She successfully worked with our schools to resolve truancy issues. And she processed more than 1,000 cases without delay. She truly represented us well, as promised, and deserves to be re-elected.

Anne Grinols, Waco

No bad news, please!

As a follow-up to my previous letter complaining about Page One treatment of the David Koresh incident by the Trib, now KWTX-TV is doing a series on the Branch Davidian siege and glorifying it even more. For heaven’s sake, people, can’t you find something positive and good to report on instead of glorifying and reminding us of the terrible things that have happened in our community? When something positive comes about, we get one little article in the news about it, maybe, and that’s it. But when something terrible happens you keep reminding us of it over and over. Shame on you, Waco Trib and KWTX.

Bill Pugh, Valley Mills