Waco shootout

I am compelled to write this in defense of our law enforcement and first responders. To all Monday morning quarterbacks who have posted negative and ridiculous responses on social media, you have no idea what you’re even talking about. You have not walked in the shoes of these brave men and women. To call the officers killers who may have shot a gang member actively engaging in a gunfight is moronic.

You have to be a special person to be a police officer and/or first responder. The horrific scene that they had to deal with is unimaginable. When you go home and get in your cozy bed with your comfy pillow and close your eyes, you will not see the horrible carnage they see and have to live with.

So I ask the critics who have 8-to-5 jobs and weekends off: Have you ever had a baby die in your arms? Worked a fatality accident that involved friends and then had to notify the family? Gone to quell a domestic battery situation, only for the victim to turn on you? Walked up to a vehicle not knowing if the driver had a gun in his hand?

And on and on. While you’re eating your Thanksgiving dinner and watching football with your family, while you’re at home opening your presents on Christmas morning with loved ones, our brave men and women of law enforcement are putting their lives on the line so you can have that peaceful privilege. So, I say to you critics, instead of being so negative, wake up and support these people and thank a police officer for his or her service next time you see one.

Terry Fuller, McLennan County Sheriff Office, retired, Lorena

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America has become a nation of timid, hide-under-the-bed types who close their eyes and hope the “bad guys” will go away. This is exemplified by both the brazen shootout between motorcycle thugs in their own lawless “Mad Max” world and the global cancerous growth known as ISIS. Elected officials, police and military leadership seem incapable or unwilling to deal with this societal terrorism.

Unless cowed citizens demand the unrelenting extermination of the vermin — drug cartels, urban gangs and Islamic fanatics — that infest our cities and threaten our way of life, prepare for more shootouts, civilian intimidation and terrorism.

We can begin with the Waco police not asking for a “truce” between rival gangs to “tone down the violence.” These gang members are pathologically incapable of supporting civilized appeals. Place a large bull’s-eye on the backs of each and every criminal gang member who would dare to disrupt any town, any locale that is not the isolated slime pit where they play-act at being some ferocious historical barbarian. We are either a nation of laws (and true law enforcement) or we are not.

History tells us what happens to fearful people who blindly place their hopes for a peaceful and prosperous life in the hands of political despots when other leaders hide under the bed with them.

Gene Muccolini, Mount Holly, New Jersey