Baylor dust-up

As a two-time alumnus of Baylor University (B.A., M.A.), a longtime Baylor professor and therefore, according to Tommye Lou Davis, an “irrelevant twurp,” I cannot say I am shocked by most of the information in the lead story in Thursday’s Trib, especially about former regent chair Buddy Jones and his “steely” resolve to carry out former Baylor President Robert Sloan’s vendetta against the Baylor Alumni Association. What we have long known about Jones is made abundantly clear in the emails quoted.

The saddest thing in the report is the vitriol in Tommye Lou Davis’ exchanges with Jones. Davis has long been considered a friend by many of us, but her continuance on the administrative staff of the university seems unwarranted now. I am struck by the fact that her “deep regrets” regarding the emails concern not their content or tone but that they have been made public.

When President Ken Starr took office, a large group of faculty met with him and told him, among other things, that the faculty would likely judge him by how he stands up to the Jones-bullied regents on the BAA situation. The answer to that question is now to be found, as Lori Fogleman puts it, in a battle that is over. One participant quoted in the article indicates that no one seemed “highly motivated” to resist Jones and his allies. This appears to include the administration of the university.

C.W. Christian, Waco

* * *

I would like to apologize to the Baylor and Waco community for the tone and content of emails that were published in Thursday’s paper. I am embarrassed by those emails, and I hope those who know me know that those emails do not reflect my heart. I am grieved that my words, written several years ago due to frustration over what I felt were activities that were greatly damaging the university, were intemperate and unkind. They certainly were not in keeping with Ken Starr’s intentions that we treat the BAA with courtesy, respect and hospitality. I have loved Baylor University and Waco for a very long time, and I have always tried to do my part in promoting and serving both communities. I am deeply sorry for hurtful words that divide and polarize rather than uplift others and create momentum for moving forward.

Tommye Lou Davis, chief of staff to the president and vice president for Constituent Engagement


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