Black eye

I commend all of our local law enforcement personnel who took control of a violent situation at Twin Peaks restaurant. They did their job of protecting the community, and I am proud of them representing us. I think they did the right thing by taking everyone into custody so that the dust could settle.

With things calming down and facts starting to surface, it should be clearer who is responsible for the shootings — and, more importantly, who is not responsible. Our justice system says innocent until proven guilty.

You can’t lump all motorcycle club members into the stereotypical group as a gang and charge them with criminal activity. This is a perfect example of trumped-up charges. In this group of 170 people, some are murderers. But many, many more never committed a crime and still have never committed a crime. I know two of these people, and I know for a fact they are not criminals. I am not a member of a motorcycle club, I don’t own a motorcycle and I never have.

If our district attorney doesn’t start identifying the innocent and releasing them, this is going to blow up and give Waco another black eye for holding innocent people with trumped-up charges. If he can make these charges stick, we as a community have much to fear. It means if you are in the vicinity of a crime, you can be accused of being a part of that crime. It is horrifying to know our elected official can do this.

Scott Daily, Woodway

Judge not

Regarding Lawrence Holland’s judgment of each individual jailed in the May 17 gunfight at Twin Peaks [Letters, May 20]: Mr. Holland, what do you do when you get up in the morning? Do you take a shower and groom your hair? Do you pick out clothes that convey a statement of the kind of person you are?

Women, before you go out in public, do you put on makeup to cover up the ugly imperfections you want hidden from society? My guess is that you do. Is it because you don’t want others judging you based on the real you?

Mr. Holland, we should let you pick out a few people whom you deem worthy, upstanding, intelligent. We should then put them through the process of having their mug shots taken, void of makeup and without the opportunity to shower or groom themselves. We can make them remove the clothes they so carefully picked out and replace them with ugly orange jumpsuits.

Now, based solely on that picture, we can ask others to draw conclusions about those individuals’ moral and ethical values and even their IQ or intelligence level. I am guessing many people would make comments like to the ones you made.

The fact you are shallow enough to sit in judgment of someone based solely on a jailhouse photograph when in fact you have never met them and lack evidence about their character or intelligence tells me a great deal about your intelligence.

Shonna Watson, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ms. Watson saw two family members and two friends jailed in the May 17 incident.