BAA concerns

Regarding the filing of a suit in federal district court by Kurt Dorr to stop demolition of the Hughes-Dillard Alumni Center on the Baylor University campus and the transition agreement between the executive committee of the Baylor Alumni Association and Baylor University: I am a lifetime member of the BAA and have just completed a term on its board of directors. I thought the manner in which the Baylor board of regents related to the alumni association during the last days of the Sloan administration and since was unfortunate. But it’s time to beat swords into plowshares. At some point, a compromise is essential.

Now is the time.

We cannot justify waging a 10-year-old dispute another 10 years or longer. The transition agreement our executive committee made through extensive negotiation, with blessing of the duly elected board of directors, is a reasonable deal and represents significant compromise on both sides. It allows Baylor to consolidate its alumni outreach and affords the alumni an opportunity to continue to have an independent voice through the Baylor Line. More importantly, it allows Baylor to have peace.

I applaud the efforts and good faith of the Baylor board of regents and BAA executive committee in negotiating peace. I plan to vote for the transition agreement in September, and I encourage all other BAA members to do the same.

Baylor has a bright future. Let’s move forward together in peace.

Cully Lipsey, Bryan

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Please allow me to correct some misconceptions about the opposition of some alumni to the destruction of the Hughes-Dillard Alumni Center (HDAC). Our opposition is not to the new football stadium nor to the construction of a pedestrian bridge to connect it to the campus across the river. Halting the destruction of the HDAC need not delay, and certainly would not prevent, the construction of the new football stadium. The bridge has its western terminus on the grounds of the law school, so the bridge is not affected.

The walkway leading to the bridge, and the grassy area it bisects, can be placed where a portion of the HDAC parking lot is located without disturbing the HDAC at all. Even President Ken Starr has referred publicly to the HDAC’s plot of ground as “ideal” but not necessary for the walkway.

Baylor’s agreement with the BAA in 1994 states the land on which the HDAC sits can only be reclaimed by Baylor if the university needs the land and no other land is reasonably available for the purpose. There is adequate room to construct the proposed sidewalk and “grassy area” to the north of the HDAC building without destroying the building.

Sunday’s letter writer complained about blocking the wishes of 17,000 stadium donors who have provided more than $100 million for the new football stadium. How about the wishes of donors who gave over $2 million to build and improve the HDAC, only to face seeing it bulldozed?

Bette McCall Miller, BAA lifetime member, Pittsburg